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Ivy Topiaries Delivered Fresh

By Chad Harris August 08, 2016 0 comments

Fresh ivy topiaries are shipped fresh and quickly to your home or business to instantly add a living element to the decor. Ivy topiaries come in many forms to create almost any look desired quickly, easily and attractively. Classic English ivy is always considered a timeless design accessory that will work in many different types of home decor. Try placing a manicured ivy globe in a sleek, modular cube for a modern or contemporary space. Decorative ivy cones or multi-ball topiaries will create a stately look in a traditional decor. Try placing larger versions of these topiaries in a pair of French antique inspired decorative planters on either side of a mantel or entranceway hall table. A petite ivy topiary in a delicate container will nicely adorn a kitchen of almost any style or a powder room. Using multiple ivy topiaries or even an ivy basket can create a refreshing and all-season centerpiece on a kitchen table as well. Shop the plentiful designs of fresh ivies for sale online to spruce up any space, help the air indoors and ultimately add lasting style.  See more ivy topiary styles here.

Top Ivy Topiary Designs

  1. Wreath

  2. Ball

  3. Cone

  4. Decorative and Animal Shape

  5. Basket 

Live ivy topiaries are extremely convenient because they will be delivered directly to your home or the home of a loved one. This makes long distance or special occasion gift giving easy but still thoughtful and special. Send an ivy topiary in the shape of a sweet animal or a classic cone or ball to friends and family for holiday presents, get well soon gifts, birthday happies or just because. You really don’t have to have a reason for sending an ivy other than to show the recipient that you care. Enjoy the beautiful look of English ivy here.


Things to Consider When Buying Fresh Ivies

  1. Where is the plant going? Make sure it’s in the vicinity of a window to receive filtered light or outside in a shaded area

  2. What side pot or planter are you trying to fill? Remember that plant sizes are labeled by the diameter of the container in which they are grown.

  3. Is this a gift? There are many unique topiary gifts that make wonderful gifts for hostesses and all occasions.

  4. How many? Is this a simple accent or a recurring theme in your home?

Check out this guide to ivy topiaries from At Home with Beth and Chad here.

How to Care for Ivy Topiaries

  1. Ivies like moderate temperatures and partial shade

  2. Keep the soil moist but never soggy; water at the base of the plant

  3. Misting the plant’s leaves can help them stay fresh and healthy as well

  4. Ivies can be fertilized a few times a year with a water-soluble fertilizer to help with growth

  5. As ivy stems grow, tuck them back into the topiary form for a fuller, cleaner look

  6. Dead or dying strands can be cut and removed from the plant to keep the appearance looking its best

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