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    38 products

    Tiered Fountains

    Create a lyrical sound in your garden with tiered fountains. Water spouting from the top finals, cascading from bowl to bowl to basin, allows the drops of water to come together in a whimsical and musical fashion. At The Garden Gates, our watered water fountains are available in all sizes, from a simple pedestal fountain, a 2-tiered fountain, a 3-tiered fountain, and large estate basin fountains.

    The pedestal fountain is a classic style best used in an intimate garden setting. The soothing flow of water is calming to the ear and enticing to birds for a cool bath. Often called the Birdbath Fountain for its pedestal style and classic single bowl.

    In a landscape that needs a focal point or centerpiece, the 2-tiered and 3-tiered fountains are ideal. These are the classic tiered water fountains. The water dances to its own beat, flowing from the top final to the bottom bowl. Pair these fountains with a nice garden bench to create a space for meditative calm.

    The grand estate water fountains set the stage for the landscape. These large basin fountains stand tall with 2-tiered or 3-tiered bowls that expertly capture the water before falling into a large basin pool. The estate fountains are striking and define the landscape. These masterpieces are all made in the USA by Campania International, a leader in extraordinary cast-stone garden fountains. These water fountains are all handmade and stained to order.

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    What Makes Tiered Water Fountains Special?

    Tiered fountains stand out from other outdoor fountains due to their distinctive structure and aesthetic appeal. Unlike a single-basin water fountain, a tiered water fountain features multiple levels or 'tiers', where water cascades from the top tier down to lower ones — creating a visually pleasing effect and a soothing sound.

    This design not only adds to the beauty of outdoor décor but also amplifies the sound of water falling, enhancing the tranquil atmosphere. The grandeur of tiered outdoor fountains can transform any garden or patio into a serene retreat. Additionally, the use of quality materials such as cast stone in their construction contributes to their durability and timeless beauty and ensures they are a long-lasting addition to any space.

    Where Is the Best Location for a Tiered Fountain?

    The ideal placement of a tiered fountain is influenced by several factors — key among them being the overall design and utility of the space. For an outdoor tiered fountain to be a focal point, it's best positioned in a central location where it can be admired from multiple angles, such as in the middle of a garden or at the end of a pathway. Sunlight plays a vital role, too, for a spot that receives ample sunlight can highlight the fountain’s details and enhance its color, making it stand out.

    Additionally, proximity to an electrical source for the water pump and ease of maintenance are practical considerations. The size of the tiered fountain also dictates its placement. This is because larger sizes may suit spacious areas like a lawn, while smaller ones can create a charming effect in a cozy patio corner. Ultimately, the ideal space for your future fountain should harmonize with the overall style of the garden and outdoor décor, ensuring the fountain complements rather than overwhelms the space.

    Tips for Cleaning Your Tiered Fountain

    The key to preserving the beauty and functionality of a tiered water fountain is proper maintenance. Regular cleaning of the fountain, including its basin, bowls, and tiers, prevents algae growth and keeps the water clear. Draining and refilling the fountain periodically is advisable, along with checking the water level frequently, as water can evaporate — especially in sunny areas. Additionally, it’s also important to clean the pump and filter regularly to ensure the water flows smoothly.

    In colder climates, it's recommended to drain the fountain and protect it from freezing temperatures to prevent damage. Simple maintenance steps, such as removing debris like leaves and twigs, can go a long way in preserving the fountain's grandeur. In addition, paying attention to small details, like checking for signs of wear or damage, can help maintain the fountain’s aesthetic appeal and longevity, which ensures it continues to welcome guests and visitors with its serene beauty and sound for years to come.

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    Thanks to our diverse selection of outdoor tiered fountains, you're certain to find one that's a perfect fit for both your design preferences and your landscaping design. Call The Garden Gates today for information on our available fountains and to place an order for your property.

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