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    46 products

    Wall Fountains

    At The Garden Gates, our collection of beautiful wall fountains comes in a number of sizes and designs to work with any space and decor. These Campania International wall fountains have a timeless style that will evoke modern elegance or a classic old-world style. Wall fountains are the perfect way to add a sense of calm and serenity to the landscape with the sounds of water.

    Defined by the flat back, the wall fountain spaces are smaller, like a courtyard, small patio, or deck area. The basin wall fountains have a large bowl that sits on the ground — these generally have a nice bold sound that is great for drowning out the noise. The hanging wall fountain is smaller and perfect for a small space or entry that needs some positive vibes.

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    How Do Wall Fountains Stand Out From Other Fountains?

    Unlike other types of water fountains, wall fountains are designed to be mounted on a wall surface — making them a versatile addition to any outdoor space. This trait makes them perfect for adding the sound and beauty of water to areas with limited space, such as a small garden or courtyard.

    Wall fountains are often made from durable cast stone, which allows them to sit flush against the wall, creating a seamless integration with the landscape. Their design typically includes a basin to catch water and a pump to recirculate it, which makes them a space-efficient water feature that adds a bit of tranquility to any outdoor wall.

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    Tips for Finding the Best Spot for Your Wall Fountain

    When searching for the best location for a wall fountain, you must consider both the aesthetics and functionality of the space. The placement of the fountain should complement the overall landscape and be visually appealing from key viewpoints in the garden or outdoor space. As such, it is important to choose a wall that can support the weight of the fountain — especially if it is made of stone or durable cast stone.

    Additionally, the location you select should be suitable for the fountain's pump and water supply needs. A well-chosen spot not only enhances the beauty of the fountain but also helps in creating an ambiance that can drown out surrounding noise.

    Are Wall Fountains Cleaned Differently Than Other Fountains?

    Cleaning wall fountains differs only slightly from other types of fountains due to their mounted design. To properly clean a wall fountain, first turn off the pump and drain the basin. Gently scrub the stone surface with a soft brush and mild detergent to remove algae or mineral deposits. 

    Rinse thoroughly with water to prevent any soap residue. For the pump, disassemble and clean it separately to remove any debris that might be hindering its function. Regular maintenance not only preserves the beauty of the wall fountain but also ensures it operates smoothly, allowing the soothing sound of water to be a continual presence in your outdoor space.

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