Coastal Outdoor Furniture Collection by Breezesta

14 products

    14 products

    Coastal Outdoor Furniture Collection by Breezesta

    Bring the feel of the beach to any landscape with the Coastal Outdoor Furniture Collection by Breezesta. This fantastic outdoor furniture is made of premium recycled polywood. This collection includes the classic Adirondack deep-seated chair, the Adirondack rocker, and the Adirondack glider. Dining, bar, and counter-height chairs that swivel or stay put are great pairings with outdoor tables or your own outdoor setting.

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    Why Consider Breezesta's Polywood Furniture?


    Polywood furniture is a testament to sustainable living. Breezesta's furniture is designed with the environment in mind, utilizing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) poly lumber to create pieces that not only add style to your outdoor furniture patio but also contribute to a healthier planet. 

    The process of transforming milk jugs and water bottles into the durable, wood-like material not only reduces waste but also decreases the demand for new plastic. This commitment to sustainability allows you to customize your outdoor spaces while embracing eco-friendly practices.


    The inherent durability of polywood furniture makes it a premier choice for any setting — especially by the coast. Unlike traditional wood, polywood is resistant to the elements, from the salt air of the beach to the intense sun, which ensures your seats maintain their integrity and appearance for years.

    This resilience is complemented by the luxurious recline and straight arms of pieces like Adirondack chairs, positioned perfectly for a quick snooze or hours of relaxation. With polywood furniture, the need for frequent replacements becomes a thing of the past, as these pieces are designed to be a long-lasting addition to your outdoor collection.


    One of the many advantages of polywood furniture is its ease of cleaning and maintenance. Designed for an easygoing feel, these pieces require little more than soap and water to return to pristine condition, making them ideal for those who value both style and convenience. 

    The smooth surfaces repel stains and water, allowing cushions to dry quickly and effortlessly. Thanks to Breezesta's polywood furniture, you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time cleaning.

    The Origins of Adirondack Chairs

    Ever wonder where Adirondack chairs come from? They can be traced back to the early 20th century when Thomas Lee went vacationing in the Adirondack Mountains. Seeking to create a chair that was both comfortable and practical for the rugged terrain, Lee designed a chair with a slanted back, wide armrests perfect for resting elbows, and a unique style that has since become iconic.

    These chairs quickly became a hallmark of outdoor furniture, offering a luxurious recline that invites relaxation. Today, Adirondack chairs are available in many different forms — and polywood is no exception. With several color options available, Breezesta makes it easier than ever to find a chair that fits your space and reflects your style.

    Our Other Breezesta Collections Include

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