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    Large Cast Stone Birdbaths

    The Garden Gates collection of large cast stone birdbaths bring life into any outdoor garden space. These stand alone birdbaths are handmade in the USA and stained in a choice of many colors. Shipping for free, these large birdbaths will arrive in the garden ready for the birds. Place the birdbath in a corner spot near a bench or swing, just far enough away so the birds will feel safe enough to approach. Pair with a bird feeder of assorted seeds and nuts for even more fun. Birdbaths are a great way to create an engaging landscape for children of all ages, making points of interest and enjoyment. Keep the birdbath clean by adding fresh water and make sure and prepare it for winter if you live in an area where it freezes. With the right placement and proper care, a cast stone birdbath by Campania International is a wonderful addition to all landscapes.

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