Timeless Garden Gifts for Mom

Connecting Mom with Nature

The month of May is a wonderful time, and it brings nice weather, beautiful blooms, and a few fun holidays. Mother's Day kicks off this month and gives a reason to celebrate all the moms in our lives; we would not be here without them. This holiday is a personal one, a time for us to connect with the women who have given us the maternal love we all need. Naturally, we will all get her a card, maybe some flowers or something sweet to say how much you love them. But what if you could do more? What if you could create something for her that she could cherish year-round?

Breezesta Shoreline Rocker

No matter your mom's garden space or green thumb, there is always a timeless garden gift that can give her joy or offer her a refreshing ambiance. Giving your mom a gift that connects her with nature will bring balance into her life. She might be one to run in the grass barefoot or relax in the rocker. Encouraging her to embrace her inner nature lover is a beautiful gift to give.


Lunas Fountain by Campania International

A small fountain is an excellent way to create a relaxing and therapeutic space. Place a tabletop fountain on the patio or end table in her outdoor space. The Lunas Fountain, with its two-tiered design, makes the lovely lyrical sound of water, not too loud and not too soft—the perfect sound of water music for meditation. Tabletop fountains make lovely gifts because they can be placed outside or inside, fitting into any home decor.

Lakeland Planter by Mayne


For the mom with a green thumb, self-watering containers are an excellent way to enjoy her favorite plants. The stylish planters by Mayne are intended for indoor and outdoor use and are available in various colors and styles. The classic Lakeland Planter is a perfect fit for an entry or backyard. Self-watering planters are excellent; they are less work than a traditional planter, cutting down on watering and increasing the time to enjoy the plants!

Copper Fly-Thru Bird Feeder by Good Directions
Good Directions Copper Bird Feeder on Garden Pol

Bird watching is a hobby that brings year-round enjoyment. North America has so many unique and beautiful bird species. Placing a little bird bath in your mom's garden is a wonderful way to encourage a visit from a feathered friend. The Copper Birdbath on a Garden Pole is easy to set up and care for. Bird feeders are an easy gift that is perfect in almost any backyard. Made of copper and full of personality, the Flyin-Thru Heart Birdfeeder by Good Directions is a great way to remind your mom how much you love her all year around.

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