A Guide to Your Fountain Sound

Finding Your Fountain Sound

Fountains are a garden element that taps into the senses, going beyond just the look of the piece. The sound will shape the mood of your garden, drowning out the noise and adding a calming rhythm. There are so many styles of fountains to choose from and each style brings a quality of sound. 

Since shopping online is a visual process, we have put together a series to help you see your sound! These are a few simple guidelines to follow when shopping online for a fountain with the right sound.

What Makes the Sounds:

Types of waterfalls:


Height of the Waterfall:

Naturally, the farther the water has to free fall the louder the sound will be on impact with the water in the bowl or basin. Fountains with a single spitter that falls into a deep bowl resonate a low sound, great for drowning out the noise. 

Tiered Fountains are great for a water sound that has the character of musical notes. Each water drop falls unpredictably and the audible result is very instrumental. The larger the tiered fountain the louder the sound.

The Bubbler Fountain has the least sound, perfect for a subtle mood in a calm space. These fountains offer the tranquility of a gentle stream. Campania International's M-Series Rosette Tabletop Fountain is the perfect addition for a calm space.

Depth of Bowl or Basins:

Deep bowls or bottom basins have a louder low pitched sound, compared to a shallow bowl that will have a higher softer sound.


Multi-bowls or tiered fountains have trickling higher-pitched sound that can be loud or soft depending on the style.

Fountain Surface Area:

The greater the surface area the water travels, the softer the sound. Water moving through the pump at a low or medium rate and over a longer distance creates a soft sound, just picking up the light surface details of the fountain.

Quan Yin Asian Fountain

The Antique Quan Yin Buddha Fountain has a wide waterfall that lands in a large basin. The water does not have to travel far to reach the basin as it moves over the wide copper surface. This Asian Inspired Fountain has a soft bold sound with a low tone.

One unique sounding fountain is the Campania International Mondrian Tall Fountain. The water has to fall over the long vertical copper channels for a soft, but rapid flow. Then landing in the deep basin for a dramatic finish.

New Design and New Sound:

Campania has a series of new designs that offer a rich almost echoing sound to the water fountains. These fountains are a combination of all the elements. A deep bowl with a disc for surface area and a range of spouts. The water pumps up through the top of the spouts to land on a wide surface (soft sound). Then flows over the edge of the disc into the large basin for an audible echoing fall. This technique can be seen in several designs and sizes.

These are just a few basics to look out for when shopping for a fountain. There are tons of styles, sizes and designs that will work for your perfect fountain sound. Check out all our fountains and if you need help defining your fountain sound please just call or chat us!

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