The Best Outdoor Fountains: Garden, Patio & Landscape

An outdoor water fountain is a pleasant and welcoming addition to any garden or patio space. They attract birds, elevate the aesthetics of your landscaping, and create the soothing sound of running water. However, because there are so many outdoor fountain options available, determining which one is best for your home can be challenging. 

To narrow down your search, let's take a look at five great types of outdoor water fountains for gardens, patios, and landscaping.

Estate Fountains

Deste Estate Fountain by Campania International

Estate fountains stand out thanks to their grandeur and commanding presence. Crafted from durable cast stone, these outdoor water fountains will add a profound touch of elegance to any garden or large outdoor space. The intricate details and clean lines of estate fountains make them a perfect fountain for creating focal points in landscape designs. 

The tiered design of these water features — often featuring three tiers or more — creates a waterfall effect that enhances the tranquil and peaceful ambiance of a large garden or estate. With their eye-catching design and timeless appeal, estate fountains are a popular choice for anyone seeking to elevate their outdoor space with a majestic water feature.

Patio Basin Fountains

Edo Fountain by Campania International

Patio basin fountains, on the other hand, offer a more intimate and modern fountain option for smaller outdoor spaces such as patios. Made from durable cast stone or fiberglass construction, these fountains are capable of withstanding many years of harsh weather conditions. 

The lower basin of patio basin fountains provides a flat surface where water flows gently, creating a soothing and peaceful ambiance. Some models come with LED lights that enhance the visual appeal of the fountain, making it a perfect addition to evening gatherings. As such, the more compact size and versatile design of patio basin fountains make them a suitable choice for enhancing the aesthetics of smaller patios and garden areas.

Pedestal Fountains

Pedestal fountains bring a touch of classic charm to gardens and other outdoor spaces with their timeless and rustic design. These outdoor garden fountains feature a single pedestal that supports a basin — producing a simple yet elegant water flow. The deep basin of pedestal fountains allows for a large pool of water, attracting birds and adding to the natural allure of the garden. 

The trickling water from the fountain features a soothing sound that contributes to the overall peaceful ambiance. Whether placed in a large garden or on a patio, pedestal fountains serve as a captivating element in outdoor landscapes, contributing to the aesthetic appeal of any setting.

Basin Wall Fountains

Arles Fountain by Campania International

Basin wall fountains seamlessly blend modern design with the calming influence of water features. This type of small water fountain commonly has a flat surface where water trickles down a vertical wall. The weather naturally influences the rust-resistant materials, ensuring a long-lasting and attractive addition to any outdoor space. 

Additionally, the basin wall fountain's unique design allows it to function as a piece of art while providing a relaxing environment with its gentle water flow. As an eye-catching design element, basin wall fountains are well-suited for both contemporary and traditional landscape designs, making them a versatile choice for enhancing gardens, patios, and outdoor areas.

Bowl Tabletop Fountains

Ribbed Longport Fountain by Campania International

Bowl tabletop fountains offer a small yet captivating water feature that is ideal for tabletops and smaller outdoor spaces. These small fountains provide a charming addition to garden tables and patios. The simplicity of their design — often featuring a single bowl and a central water flow — creates a minimalist and modern fountain that complements various outdoor settings. 

Some bowl tabletop fountains come with LED lights, adding an enchanting touch to the tabletop fountain, especially during evening use. The compact size and portability make them a perfect fountain for those seeking a subtle water feature that adds a touch of tranquility to their outdoor space.

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