How to Choose a Tabletop Planter

Steps to Choosing the Right Tabletop Planter

Every plant lover knows a tabletop arrangement is a final touch to any space, whether outside on the garden terrace or in a sunny room. Live plants make the space special. Four factors go into the correct choice of a planter.
  • Type and size of the table where you are placing the planter.
  • The amount of light determines what kind of plant can grow in the space.
  • Your style, find the right fit for your aesthetic.
  • Planter versatility, such as use for special occasions or year-round.
Barca Planter by Campania International

The planter needs to fit the proportion of the table. For example, the Barca Planter by Campania International is ideal for a rectangular table. It is available in several different lengths and is a simple, classic design that will fit any home decor. On the other hand, a small end table requires a planter of a similar size, with a bit of height, such as the Lisette Urn. This elegant vase-like shape showcases a favorite indoor plant or garden flower.

When working outdoors or indoors, it is essential to understand the type of light you have for your plants. Southern and East-facing windows are hotter and lighter, perfect for Orchids and succulents. Compared to Northern and West-facing windows, soft morning light works well for Pothos and Zanzibar plants. Keep in mind that most plants will adapt to their environments so long as it does not go from one extreme to another.

Style is the reflection of you on your space. There is a tabletop planter that will suit your space, classic, modern, colorful, or eclectic, whatever your aesthetic. The Broken Egg Planter is a fun design that full of character. Its simple shape is perfect for various plants, and the edged top gives it a unique look. This tabletop planter would be great as a gift with a colorful flowering plant like a mini orchid.

The best type of tabletop planter can work throughout the year, showing that it is a well-thought-out design and placement. For example, a corner planter with a charming arrangement of succulents can be jazzed up by adding small battery-powered lights for a holiday party. Or a centerpiece planter that can hold electric tea lights for ambiance. The ideas are endless so long as the suitable planter is in the right spot. Tabletop planters give the home a high-end design and add a connection to our environment.


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