Benefits Wonderful Water Music from Patio Fountains

Benefits of Outdoor Patio Fountains

Placing a fountain outside on your patio certainly has amazing benefits for you and your home. We all know that fountains symbolize life because water is an essential element in nature. According to Vastu Shastra, which loosely translates into the science of architecture, the flowing water in your patio fountain symbolizes the flow of money, happiness, and love. Everyone wants that type of flow! 

Where to place your patio fountain:

  • To fully enjoy your fountain make sure it can be seen and heard from indoors and outdoors.
  • The principles of Feug Shi suggest placing your fountain near and or facing an entrance to the home to invite positive energy into your space.
  • The fountain requires a pump, so it needs to be within a certain proximity to an electrical outlet to keep the water flowing. (at least 6 feet)
  • Place it in an area where it can drown out excess noise pollution from the street if possible.

Outdoor patio fountains are also a great way to create a peaceful oasis and add a decorative accent to your landscape. The lyrical repetitiveness of the cycled water creates a relaxing ambiance unlike anything else outside of nature.  Patio fountains create the wonderful water music, ranging from loud and bold to a low bubbling echo. All of this water music depends on the sizes, shapes, types, and sound levels of the patio fountains. 

Here are our top 3 favorite patio fountains that create water music!


Equinox Garden Terrace Fountain by Campania International
The Equinox Garden Terrace Fountain is a great example of a smaller sized patio fountain that can be place on a tabletop. This particular water music sounds like a low bubbling echo sound from the spout on top and a soft bubbling splash as the water falls into the basin below.  
Campania International Passaros Fountain

 The Passaros Fountain is a medium sized patio fountain, but is similar to the Equinox Garden Terrace Fountain pictured above. They are similar in the fact that they both have that low bubbling echo from the top spout, but because the bowl is a bit deeper it creates a bolder more dynamic splashing sound into the basin below.

Campania International Avondale Fountain
The Avondale Patio Fountain by Campania International is a beautiful and bold fountain with a modern style. The type of water music created by this patio fountain will be more of a bubbling trickling sound from the spout and a bold dynamic splashing sound as the water falls into the basin below. As with all 3 of the the fountains fountains mentions, they all cancel out noise pollution and create an ambient atmosphere on your patio. 


Enjoy the calming sounds of these bubbling, echo fountains!


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