Freeze Recovery for Cast Stone Garden Products

Best Practices for Cast Stone in Freezing Temperatures

Cast stone has been used in the construction of bridges and buildings for centuries. It is a tried and true material, but even the toughest materials can have a weak spot, and with cast stone, it is freezing and thawing of water. The use of cast stone is perfect for shaping all the wonderful ideas of the creative mind. Statues, fountains, birdbaths, planters, and benches can all be formed into reality using cast stone. It will last a lifetime, with a few simple steps to maintain its integrity in the freezing winter months.

The number one way to extend the life of your cast stone piece is to prevent water from settling in, freezing, and then thawing out. The freezing expands the cast stone particles and once thawed, can cause deterioration and cracks.

Large fountain cover by Campania International

The best practice is to dry out your fountain or birdbath before the first frost. Cover larger fountains with a good cover. Campania offers covers for all their fountains small to extra large. For smaller items like statues, birdbaths, or small fountains it is best to store them inside. But if the item must be left outside, drain it, dry it and cover it. Pumps for the fountains are best brought inside as well.

Some areas of the country have the on and off winter months. One day it is warm and the next you are covering your pipes in flip flops. We have often had customers call and ask us what steps they need to take in these weird winter weather conditions. Our answer is the same, drain it, dry it and cover it or bring it inside. This will keep you from doing the extra work of uncovering and recovering and insure that your fountain stays nice in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

What do you do if your cast stone piece cracks or starts to flake? 

We have all been there, life got busy and the fountain did not get covered or the birdbath brought inside. This is the worst-case scenario, but not to worry it can be fixed. Well, sort of; it can be replaced. Once the integrity of the cast stone has been compromised there is no way to patch or repair the damaged area. Contact The Garden Gates Customer Care Center, and we will get you an estimate to replace the damaged piece. If you are unsure what the part is, please send us a picture, and we can identify the part and get you an estimate. We can even help you replace any pump or parts that you need to keep your fountain in tip top shape. Our goal is for you to have a lifetime of enjoyment for your cast stone piece. 

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