The Best Places for Your Garden Bench

The Best Places for Garden Benches

Placing a bench in the garden allows one to fully immerse themselves in the intangible parts of the landscape. Garden benches give us a place to pause, even for a brief moment, to rest our feet and our minds. There is a bench for every outdoor space, setting the tone for the space.

Garden benches also give the garden space a purpose and a sense of place. They help bring the garden to life and give you the ability to fully enjoy your space.
  • Placing a bench in a butterfly garden is a very unique way to watch and experience the intangible parts of nature's magic.
  • Placing a bench along a lake or seaside garden is another example of being able to sit still and quietly soak in the soothing sounds of the water
    and the birds. 
  • A bench in your vegetable garden can be very versatile. The best reason for the bench is a place to rest, but the bench also doubles as low table to hold your tools while also attending to your garden.
  • If you live in a hotter climate area, the best place for a garden bench is in a shaded area of the garden. This allows you to use the bench to cool off, rest, relax out of the sun, and to be completely consumed or mesmerized by the gorgeous greenery.
  • For those who have a garden fountain a garden bench is the perfect compliment. Place it near the fountain to enjoy the lyrical falling water of your patio or garden fountain.

A bench, all be it a simple feature in the garden, has a strong purpose and presence. The Garden Bench turns a beautiful view into an engaging space bringing more meaning to your landscape and outdoor space. The cast stone bench collection by Campania International offers a generous selection of styles, from the classic look to modern design. 

Top 3 Favorite Garden Benches:

Arles Bench by Campania International
The Arles Bench by Campania International is a tried and true favorite. This Old World design can be seen in many well-established landscapes. Adding a garden bench instantly creates a destination place that will engage your guests or family to sit and enjoy the landscape.  


Campania International's The X Bench
Campania International's The X Bench offers a more modern look. This garden bench has the look of clean simple lines and offers up a fabulous statement piece to compliment your personality.  


Campania International's Large Bois Garden Bench

Campania International's Large Bois Garden Bench is perfect for the trendy garden. This cast stone bench has the ever-natural look, but is made of cast stone which will last for a longer time than a traditional wooden bench. This bench could be placed in any type of farmhouse rustic garden.

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