Dog Statues to Grace your Garden

Fur Baby Science, Our Connection with Dogs

Phoebe Dobby giving us the "look"

Dogs bring us joy. Their unconditional love and devotion have set them up to be forever man’s best friend and always our fur baby! From wet nose kisses to belly rubs, we love to capture every moment with our companions. This leads us to wonder, why are we so connected with dogs?

Mr Scooter ready for his nap

Dogs understand us the way no other animal does. Researchers across the globe have studied this connection between humans and dogs. The findings are fascinating. Dogs make a visual connection with humans, this triggers the same hormonal response as when humans connect with babies. Dogs are one of the few animals that look us in the eyes and seemingly understand, they just get it. This bond is a positive and emotional one that develops into trust and loyalty. This chemical response benefits us humans; the increased oxytocin in the brain has a calming effect. 

Dogs help calm our minds and heal our hearts. They can help us get around when we can not and can even do their share of the household work. Dogs may not be able to speak words, but they definitely understand us, it could be the use of vocal commands or just our body language. Some have even started using techniques to expand these tricks, like Bunny the Talking Dog! These amazing animals, in whatever capacity they touch our lives, are a real treasure to our human experience. 

Greyfriars Bobby, famous historical dog in Scotland

Their loyalty has been memorialized throughout time and all over the globe. Scotland’s Greyfriars Bobby and Japan’s Hachiko are just two of the most famous dogs. These are some of our favorite dog statues to honor your pup and grace your garden.



 4 Charming Dog Statues for the Garden:

 Fluffy Dog Garden Statue by Campania International

Fluffy Dog, has wonderful detailing in its face and fur. Standing only 15 inches tall and shown in the Brownstone Patina by Campania International.

Frenchie Dog Statue by Campania International

Frenchie brings all the personality of it breed! With it life-like expression and wee size, only standing 14.25 inches tall. Frenchie is a charming dog statue.

Westie the Dog Garden Statue by Campania International

What this little Westie got his eye on? His sweet personality is perfectly captured with lovely detail. He is ready to play in your garden.

Copper the Dog Garden Statue by Campania International

Hi Cooper! Fetch and we have a treat! For a fun statue this little guy will add an awesome touch of character!

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