• Garden Tour: New Orleans Garden District

    Posted on by Chad Harris

    New Orleans Garden District 

    New Orleans has some of the most beautiful gardens nestled along the streets in Garden District in New Orleans.  Many of these homes have been here for over one hundred years and they are the history that lives New Orleans. 

    The Garden District dates back to 1832 and was created after the Louisiana Purchase as a settlement for new American resident not wanting to live in the French Quarter.  These homes were built with magnificent gardens on large plots of land.  This resulted in some of the most beautiful gardens creating a perfect picture. 

    Today, I climbed aboard the New Orleans street car along Carrolton and Oak street. I was headed to the Garden District which is a 15-minute ride from my home.  I got off the street car at Jackson Avenue and heading down First Street to Prytania Street heading west.  I came across some beautiful gardens filled with lush green foliage.  

    I made this video about my journey and hope you like it. You can find it on Youtube along with other videos I have made about gardening, cooking, and New Orleans. 


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  • Garden Tour: Small Uptown Garden in New Orleans

    Posted on by Chad Harris

    Dynamite Garden in New Orleans + A Quick Lesson on Flower Planting

    New Orleans is such a unique place and is full of lush gardens. Today, I give you a mini tour of my personal garden at home. We live in Uptown New Orleans on Plum Street, and I love my garden between the street and sidewalk because it is always blooming.

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  • Campania Finishes

    Posted on by Chad Harris

    Campania International has 12 color options for their outdoor decor collection.  Each of the cast stone products has the option to be finished in 11 patinas or just natural.  

    Campania International Finishes:

    •  Aged Limestone
    • Alpine Stone
    • Brownstone
    • Copper Bronze
    • English Moss 
    • Ferro Rustico
    • Greystone
    • Natural 
    • Pietra Vecchia 
    • Travertine 
    • Terra Nera 
    • Verde

    The Campania patinas are applied in a multi-step process by hand creating a uniquely beautiful finish.  Each patina is will naturally age over time weathering each day as it lives outdoors. 


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  • [Who Made The List ] Our Besties

    Posted on by Chad Harris

    Our Five Favorite Brands 

    We spend a lot of time looking for the highest quality products for the home and garden.  In fact, we spend all our time with the goal of providing the industries best of home and garden decor.  When we selected our five favorite brands they had to meet our standards of excellence. 

    The Garden Gates Brand Standards: 

    • Quality
    • Workmanship
    • Design 
    • Brand Culture 
    • Professionalism 

    Here is our list of our five favorite brands and we know you will love them too. 

    Campania International

    Campania International

    Accent your garden, patio, or outdoor space with cast-stone garden fountains, benches, tables, birdbaths, urns, planters, and statues from Campania International. Individually poured from cast-stone, a building material used to construct bridges and cathedrals, Campania pieces repel the elements while the 12 color finishes available age elegantly over time. The Garden Gates offers Campania International’s complete line of cast stone outdoor decor because of their proven quality, durability, and beauty. Show off your personality with a cute cast-stone animal statue or bring your plants some company with a cast stone bird bath. The Garden Gates considers cast-stone the ideal material for outdoor decor and trusts that your garden will benefit from and appreciate any piece made by Campania International.

    Bella Notte Linens

    Bella Notte Linens

    Known for their classic collections and timeless fabrics, Bella Notte, the pioneers of garment-dyed bedding, offers the world’s first easy-care, custom-dyed luxury linens. Bella Notte offers high-quality styles of baby bedding, linen sheets, throw blankets, pillows, coverlets, curtain panels, dust ruffles, duvet covers, comforters, pillows, pillow cases, pillow shams, throw pillows, and linen yardage in a variety of desirable colors and textures. Made in San Francisco and custom-dyed using low-impact, non-toxic dyes, Bella Notte linens are safe, soft, and easy to care for - especially since all their bedding is intended for the washing machine!

    Pom Pom at Home

    Pom Pom At Home Allegra Duvet Cover

    Belgium native Pom Pom at Home is passionate about all things linen! Using eco-friendly and eco-chic linen combined with non-toxic, low-impact dye, Pom Pom at Home bedding pairs European elegance and American style to help you create the bed of your dreams. Their baby and adult bedding sets, including sheets, pillowcases, throw blankets, throw pillows, bed skirts, curtain panels, and shams, are made from 100% certified organic linen. Pom Pom at Home embraces life’s pleasures with a sophisticated yet laid-back vibe: the added detail of crushed velvet, embroidery, and hand-crocheted lace make every piece quite delightful and the numerous patterns and colors encourage mixing and matching.

    Sugarboo Designs

    Sugarboo Designs

    Founded by husband and wife team Rebecca and Rick Puig, Sugarboo Designs is inspired by “family, nature, animals, old things, children's art and folk art.” The artists also “love juxtaposing old and new, light and dark, serious subject matter with fluff and anything with a message!”  Sugarboo Designs provides a one-of-a-kind experience for their whimsical and inspirational art prints, paperweights, canvas bags, books, postcards, notecards, greeting cards, ceramics, pillows, mercantile and antique signs, photo boxes, reclaimed frames, engraved love letters, metals signs, and another eclectic home decor. Sugarboo believes in putting good out into the world and creating products that remind us of our loved ones.

    Capital Gardens

    Capital Gardens Medici Urn

    Capital Gardens designs a wide array of stunning fiberglass pots and planters, fountains, pedestals, urns, troughs, and window boxes made to replicate terracotta, lead, bronze, and copper. Fiberglass is lightweight, frost-proof, non-corrosive, maintenance-free, and suitable for indoor and outdoor year-round use. Incredibly durable and both contemporary and traditional, Capital Gardens’ innovative fiberglass will give your outdoor space the same distinct look their unique planters give to Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, the pool at St. Brelades Bay Hotel, and Ponder’s End Library in the UK. For lightweight and durable home decor available in different finish options, Capital Gardens is your sleek and stylish savior.


    We hope our favorite brands become yours too.  If you have any questions or looking for advice with home and garden decor, please call or email us today. 

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  • 5 Simple Garden Hacks

    Posted on by Ashley Bel

    Follow these five steps:

    Clean Your Flowers
    Cleaning old dying flowers, brown leaves, and poor performing flowers will increase the flowering of each plant 
    Just like humans, plants need food. As the colder months disappear and the warmer days approach, make sure to use granular fertilizers to promote an abundance of flowers. Watering routinely with a water soluble ( peters 20-20-20 ) liquid fertilizer will also improve the flowering. 
    Using organic mulch adds a colorful addition to the garden, but it also adds more value to the organics of the soil. Using an organic mulch like pine straw or decomposed pine bark fines will continue to add nutrients to your garden. Do Not Use SoftScape Mulch
    Knowing when to water and how often to water is the key to a successful garden. I always recommend watering long then more frequently. Deep watering promotes root growth. Strong roots, vigorous plants.
    Right Plant
    Selecting the right plant's for the right spot is key to any beautiful garden. Understanding the amount of sun versus shade will be the difference in any plants success.

              Make this Spring a Garden Revival 

              Each year we wait for Spring to arrive, doesn't matter if you live in New Orleans or New York, we all wait for Spring. Spring for me is the bouquets of fresh flowers that fill our gardens, planters, and flowering baskets.  

              This year, I planted year in New Orleans, mainly because the winter was extremely mild which gave me the opportunity to allow some late season winter plants have a revival.  My gardens filled with petunias, alyssum, salvia, foxglove, and a few other favorites.  

              Spring flowers in New Orleans

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