The Art of the Garden: A Guide for Beginners

The love of the garden goes hand in hand with artistic expression. Our outdoor spaces are a reflection of who we are. They can be simple and classic with low-maintenance shrubs or wild, with woody bushes, trees, and flowers. Our garden reflects how we want the world to see our home with curbside charm or a backyard oasis. Once, a client told me, "My yard is my face to the world."  Her words resonate with me whenever I dig in my garden or work on a project for a client. Our gardens are the masterpieces of our minds' eyes.

Gibbs Garden: The Art of the Garden at The Garden Gates

The late winter and early spring months are a fantastic time to get out and work on our garden craft. The weeds are small, and the perennials are coming back to life. The weather is nice. This state of revisiting last year's garden offers us the time to transition and plan for this year.

Top 4 Garden Elements to Start a New Look:

Palazzo Rustic Urn by Campania International Planted with Succulents

When we think of a garden, the first image that comes to mind is flowers. The best way to elevate your garden is by adding planters. Placing planters on either side of a door is a classic way to bring positive energy from the garden into your home. Using a planter in a garden bed to highlight a special flower arrangement and give a focal point is a great way to add unique layers to the garden. Planters allow us to put plants where they might not normally grow, like a porch, patio, or deck. Window box planters are a fabulous way to highlight your home and bring a unique charm to a landscape.

Houmas House Fountain in Louisiana



Famous landscapes all had one element in common, the water feature. Water brings balance and harmony to the space. Fountains are the easiest way to incorporate water into a garden because there are many options. A fountain adds life to an area, from an intimate setting to a grand vista. In addition, garden water fountains offer added benefits to nearby life. They cool the space, offer water for animals, and give a very relaxing sound.

Nestled in the Garden at Gibb in Georgia

All gardens need a place to just relax and take it all in. Cast stone garden benches are a great way to immerse yourself in the garden entirely. Made of tough stone, they can be placed on the grass or in a garden bed. Finally, add the most personal garden element, the garden statue. Garden statues tell the story of the gardener. A garden statue can have the element of whimsy or reverence. Garden statues are the best reflection of the personality of the gardener.

We gardeners are all artists. Our medium is not paint and canvas, but rather earth and flowers. Grab that shovel, plant, and watering can, get outside and create your own beautiful space. This craft is art and there is no wrong way to start.

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