5 Ways to Start Planning Your Outdoor Space


5 Ways to Start Planning:

1. Dream

Dream PetuniaPlanning starts with a dream. Dreaming of making your space more comfortable and more enjoyable. Your imagination can take you anywhere you want to go, why don’t you try and shape some of these ideas into your real life? Image your outdoor space to be perfect just for you, the sound of water, a bird sanctuary or even just a place to rest. Set your dream up for success by starting a plan of action.


2. Find your inspirations

We can find inspiration in any place, experience or even from a person. Look for your style. My favorite place to start is Pinterest. I can get lost in all the pictures for hours! It is really a great tool to help narrow down all those beautiful elements you were dreaming of for your space. This is a favorite, the Faux Bois Bench by Campania International. It combines the strength of cast stone with look of natural wood.
Faux Bois Bench by Campania International Mini Element Bird Fountain
Also a favorite it is the Mini Element Fountain with Birds by Campania International. This charming piece blends the modern smooth edges of cast stone with the personality of some feathered friends.

3. Get Guidance - The most important step!

Some spaces can be tricky, or maybe our ideas are just not fitting into your vision, either way it is so helpful to get guidance from someone of knowledge. I find that taking a few good pictures of the space and measurements really helps to gain perspective on the scale you are working with and what will work. Talk it out with your guide, hash out ideas and brainstorm! Your end result will always be better when you use a creative process.


4. Draw it out and picture it

Pencil to Paper
I am a pencil to paper gal!
Drawing up my space to a simple scale and moving elements around until they work together is the way to go. But if you are not one to draw, you can use those pictures and measurements to help shape your space by bringing to someone who can check all the details.
Our favorite go to in our area is Jesse, I know that he will always guide my vision into a real life landscape. Located in the New Orleans area, he is setting the standard for landscapes and the outdoor oasis. Choosing a professional in your areal pushes your vision into reality. Giving you a map or guide as to how to achieve the result.



5. Find the elements

Mayne Fairfield Tall Planter Black
Circling back to your inspirations, the elements of your space, a fountain, a birdbath, bench or set of planters, will all need to come to life to complete the project. Look for high quality items that are made of tough materials. Cast stone is a tried and true material that has been used in architectural structures.
Finding the right element for your home environment is key to keeping your space low maintenance and enjoyable. The same principal can be applied to your planting design too. Keep it simple and find a focal point.
             The Hampton Birdbath by Campania InternationalPalladio Table Set by Campania International

Palladio Table Set                                            Hampton Birdbath

Plan your space now and get it all ready to enjoy when the weather warms up. What a better time to dream and create than in the warmth of our homes.


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    The suggestions were clear and inspiring, making me feel excited to start planning my own outdoor space. Thank you for the helpful advice!

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