How to Use Fountains to Cool Down

Cooling Down Your Mind & Body with Fountains

Dandelion Fountain Mist for Cooling DownYes, you read correctly! Outdoor fountains can cool off your body temperature and the garden it surrounds. You have probably experienced this if you have walked underneath a mist machine spraying a fine mist of water onto your skin to cool you off quickly. Introducing a gorgeous fountain to your outdoor landscape creates a beautiful oasis, but your garden fountain will also help cool you down.

Cooling Benefits of Your Outdoor Fountain:

Cooling Benefits of a fountain
  • Evaporative cooling transfers heat away from you, and why a fountain can cool the surrounding air and you if you are close enough.  
  • Brilliant for those hot summer months when certain plants need tons of water. The fountain can provide more humidity in the air surrounding the delicate flowers to keep them healthy.
  • Outdoor fountains are gorgeous art pieces and a beautiful centerpiece in your garden, or anywhere you place them.
  • The cooling effect of flowing water is greater than that of water standing still.
  • Sitting by the fountain to cool off on a scorching summer day after you have been working in your garden can also help to cool or chill your mind.
The Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy

We now know how amazing and versatile fountains are, but there are still more hidden surprises. Fountains are natural humidifiers, and we are naturally drawn to enjoy them up close. Historically, fountains were used in city centers to act as gathering spaces, water sources, and areas to cool down. It was almost as if the city planners knew the calming effects of fountains and water on the people of the communities. This technique is still used today in our urban cities. These are great stress relievers and can cool the mind with the sounds of the water music they make. 

The atheistic of fountains.

They also add aesthetic beauty and attract birds and butterflies to help your garden flourish. Finally, fountains bring the element of water to the garden, balancing the ecosystem of your space. With all this knowledge of how and why fountains are excellent coolers for our minds and bodies, let's practice them with some beautiful fountains for the home.


Outdoor Fountains to Cool You Down

Campania International Monteros tiered fountain

Tiered fountains are a fabulous way to cool down the garden. The height and constant falling water create a musical splash that is relaxing and cooling. The Monteros Fountain with its grand three tiers, reaches to the sun and cools down as the water dances out of each bowl.

Campania International Monteros Fountain full scale view

The large three-tiered fountain is a masterpiece in the garden and would require a great space to enjoy its design fully. Pairing it with a nice set of benches and nestling it into an estate or english garden would be a lovely approach. 

Not all of us have large areas to accommodate an Estate Fountain, and there are plenty of moderate and smaller versions for medium gardens and courtyards.

The Navonna Fountain by Campania International  is one of our most popular pieces. The stately bowl spouts four waterfalls into a unique basin and has a bubbler spout in the center bowl. The Navonna Fountain plays all the melodic sounds of a fountain and cools down the garden.

Campania International Navonna Fountain

Shown in Alpine Stone the Navonna Fountain only requires an outdoor outlet and no additional water source other than the garden hose. One of the best aspects of the Campania Fountains is how easy they are to assemble.

The classic Williamsburg Pineapple Fountain is perfect for a cozy garden space or a charming English Garden. This classic pedestal fountain is ideal for the gardener and the birds. 

Williamsburg Pineapple Fountain by Campania International

The lovely deep bowl captures the bubbling water flow with soft lyrical sounds. A beautiful, sturdy pedestal offers a firm base to the fountain, which makes it great to place in the garden or on a patio. This classic style is also offered in a two-tiered version. 

The Williamsburg 2-Tiered Pineapple Fountain is a classics a classic and a great focal point.  The ever classic Williamsburg Pineapple Two-Tiered Fountain by Campania International

Place this beauty in the garden, add a nice bench or planters, and then enjoy! The cascading water bubbles from the welcoming pineapple into a smaller bowl and, from there, have a grand fall into the bottom bowl. The movement of the water will cool you and your garden. In the elegant style of all the Campania Fountains the Williamsburg Fountains only require an outdoor outlet and water from the hose. These fountains are an easy way to make your garden space more enjoyable and engaging.


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