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Basket Liner -Hayracks Hanging Baskets Basket Liners

The Garden Gates brings to you the best selection of basket liners around. The Garden Gates offers the ever popular coconut fiber in multiple forms for every use in the garden, outdoor planters, metal planters and wall planters. Use coco moss in loose form to create your own hanging basket liner or purchase preformed coco basket liners for hanging baskets, hayracks, and wide planters in your outdoor area. Coco mats create excellent growing conditions for all outdoor planters because they hold the soil in place while keeping it easy to drain and breathable. Basket lined with coco moss look clean, healthy and well taken care of. Hanging basket and garden planter liners hold up nicely and are simple to replace when the time comes to buy new basket liners. Many of The Garden Gates' wire baskets and hanging baskets comes with liners, and we make replacing basket liners easy with our online solutions. Wire Basket Liner In addition to coco moss, The Garden Gates brings to you cloverleaf basket liners in moss green. Instead of preformed, molded coco liners, these basket liners let you fold them to fit our baskets, creating a gentle overlapping look. 


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14-in Round molded Basket Liner - Brown

14-in Round molded Basket Liner - Brown

22 Half Round Coco Liner

22-inch Half Round Coco Liner

30 Coco Liner

30-inch Hayrack Coco Liner

36 Coco Liner

36-inch Coco Liner

44 Coco Liner

44-inch Hayrack Coco with Liner

44 Hayrack with Coco Liner

44-inch Hayrack with Coco Liner
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