Fountain Maintenance FAQ

Fountain Maintenance and Long-Term Care

Jumping into the deep end with fountain care questions, we hope you find the info you're after. If not, we're here to lend a hand!

  • Should the fountain run all the time?

Running your fountain all the time has benefits. It keeps the water moving to avoid mosquitos. Moving water keeps the air fresher in the surrounding area and helps keep it cleaner. Turning the pump on and off has proven to wear out the pump faster. If you live in a climate with a high evaporation rate or wind, turning the pump off when the fountain is not in use will help maintain the water level. Turning the pump off for seasons when the fountain is not in use, like in the winter, is necessary as you will need to do so to winterize your fountain.

  • Is there a way to keep the fountain always full of water?

Yes, Campania International has the Auto Refill Device. This component runs alongside the pump setup and connects to any outdoor water valve or irrigation system. Its simple operation allows water to fill the fountain after it gets too low. This part is also significant to ensure your pump is always in the water.

  • Are fountains hard to clean?

The best practice for keeping a clean fountain is to clean it regularly. Once a month is fine. Then, adding a bit of help with Fountain Fresh will be a manageable task. Be sure to keep the fountain free of debris like leaves and bugs. If the birds love your fountain, a regular scrub with a soft brush should be completed when needed to maintain the finish.

  • What is the best type of cleaner for my fountain?

Water is the best, but it is only sometimes practical. Fountains can grow algae, showing water deposits and other environmental elements. A water clarifier for hard water areas will help with mineral deposits. An algicide like Fountain Fresh is so helpful in keeping the water clear. Do not use anything harsh, like Bleach. It can impact the fountain's finish and is not suitable for wildlife. If you have mineral deposit buildup, use a vinegar and water solution to remove the stains.

  • I did the vinegar cleaning solution, but the finish still has white marks. What do I do?

Vinegar is a nonabrasive cleaner, which means that in extreme cases, more than one application may be necessary. It could be efflorescing if you have tried it well and the white marks are still showing. The efflorescence process in the cast stone is natural salts showing over time. It will look like a fine white powdery coating on the surface of the cast stone. If you think this is the case, take some pictures and email them to We will contact Campania and get their recommendation for an efflorescence cleaner.

  • Do fountains waste water?

Fountains use water. An inner circulatory system for water in a fountain is the most optimal way not to use water in excess. When a fountain is plumbed and constantly refilled, you have the question of water waste. The best practice to reduce excess use is to ensure you have the correct fountain for your space, seal any leaks, and keep your fountain clean.

  • If I need them, can I get replacement parts for my fountain?

Yes! If your fountain is still in production at Campania International, we can get you a replacement part. The process is simple; please email the name of your fountain part and the color you have it stained in. To find the lists of parts for any fountain, visit the product page, and in the description, there is a link to the assembly instructions. Still trying to figure it out? Please email us some pictures, and we can help you identify the fountain and color.

  • My fountain is slowly losing water every day; what do I do?

Sounds like you have a leak. Check these quick tips to solve the issue:

    • Adjust the Water Level: Your fountain may leak if it is too full. 
    • Check Tubing: Check that the tubing is attached entirely and correctly.
    • Cracking: Your fountain may be cracked from improper winter care
    • Check Stopper: Ensure the stopper is completely seated in the fountain. You can also use 100% pure, clear silicone to ensure a proper seal. This area is the most common reason fountains leak. To replace the stopper, refer to the fountain product page's assembly instructions to determine the fountain stopper size, either # 7 or #10. Then order them using the links below:
  • Do I need to winterize my fountain?

If you live in a climate that freezes and snows, even on occasion, the best practice is to winterize your fountain. Check out these 6 Steps to prepare your fountain.

Winter Care Best Practices


  • How do I maintain the color of my fountain for a long time?

Campania International's stains, by their nature, will age over time. The more exposure to the elements, the faster they will age. During the aging process, the part of the cast stone piece most exposed will begin to lighten, allowing the color in the groves of the details to stand out. After several years of exposure, a paint touch-up may be required for items you prefer to remain a solid color. Campania offers their proprietary blend of colors in several sizes for every project. Remember that it is best to purchase the touch-up kits just before use, as they expire after about twelve months. These come with good instructions and are easy to apply.

  • How often should I clean my fountain?

For fountains that are outdoors, cleaning once a month is best. Turn the pump off and remove any debris. Spray out all the old, dirty water and remove any crud buildup with a soft bristle brush. Avoid hard chemicals and abrasive cleaning tools. Water is best. Refill it with fresh water, toss in a Fountain Fresh pod, and then turn on the pump.

  • My pump is running too high. Can I make it run slower?

The design of Campania fountains includes how the water flows around the cast stone and the optimal flow for the volume of water to stay healthy. But if you want to reduce the height of the water, there are a few tricks to slowing the flow. Check your pump. Depending on the model, a dial might adjust the flow. Tighten the hose clamps; this can slightly adjust the volume of water moving through the pump.

  • My fountain has a lot of splashes. How do I fix this?

Fountain splash is part of the fountain's nature, but sometimes it is a bit much. Campania now has splash guards. These handy devices are placed under the waterfall and capture any extra water trying to escape. They come in various sizes and shapes and can be stained the same color as your fountain.

  • Can my fountain pump be turned up?

It is best to stick with the same size pump for the fountain that Campania specifies. The pump size is measured in gallons per hour (GPH). If you would like to adjust the fountain's flow, check the pump; it may have a dial to adjust it higher. Loosening the hose clamps will allow more water to flow through the pump.

  • Does the pump have a warranty?
Yes, all Campania pumps have a one-year warranty. Remember that running your pump dry and burning it out will void this warranty. If your pump stops working, please email, and we will get a warranty claim started for a replacement. New pumps are also available for purchase. To determine the pump size for your fountain, go to its product page, and in the description, the size is listed in the assembly instructions.
Please let us know if you did not find the answer to your fountain question. Call, email, or find us in the chat! We are here to help!