Campania International: Winter Care Steps

Winterizing Cast Stone Fountains

Cast stone is can expand and contract in different temperatures and humidity levels, it is the nature of the material. Prepare your fountain if you live in a climate where the temperature falls below 32°F or humidity levels change drastically.

6 Steps to prepare a fountain for winter:

  1. Bring inside: If possible, bring your outdoor fountain inside for the winter.
  2. Store in dry location: If unable to bring inside, store your fountain in a dry and covered location.
  3. Bring components inside: Move all internal components (stoppers, tubing, lights, pump, etc) inside. A pump can stay in a fountain for the winter, but if you choose to leave it in, it must be completely dry and insulated with plastic bags and towel to ensure it stays dry. However it is recommended to bring it inside.
  4. Completely drain: It is important to prevent water from accumulating anywhere, as freezing and thawing of water can cause pump damage and cause cracks to form in your fountain. Remove the drain plugs.
  5. Elevate Fountain: Fountains may freeze to the ground and cause cracking in the base if left outside in the winter. If unable to store inside or in a dry covered location, try to raise your fountain above ground.
  6. Cover Fountain: Make sure to use a breathable material when covering. DO NOT COVER IN PLASTIC! Make sure the fountain is taut so that no snow or water can pool in the cover. Tie the opening at the bottom of the cover around the fountain.

Find the correct fountain cover size in the description of your fountain product page.

Still not sure! Please email all your questions to and let our our fountain experts help.