Fountain Fresh

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Fountain Fresh
Fountain Fresh
Fountain Fresh

Fountain Fresh

SKU: 80910R01
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Fountain Fresh All-Natural Water Clarifier

Recommend for all Campania International Fountains. Fountain Fresh is an all-natural water clarifier that contains a unique blend of enzymes and extracts to prevent algae growth when used as directed. Use this Fountain Fresh to keep the water clean and clear while maintaining the life of the water features such as birdbaths and fountains. It's an all-natural and non-toxic water treatment that will keep water features free from algae growth, green slime, surface staining, and odor.

It is not an algaecide so will not kill algae from dirty water once it has grown. Make sure the fountain or birdbath is clean before use. The pod dissolves in warm water and is safe for humans, pets, fish, birds, and plants. No scooping or measuring is required!

  • This unique blend of enzymes & extracts prevents algae growth in water
  • Non-toxic, all-natural, and completely safe for plants, birds, fish, and pets to drink
  • Keeping your water clean helps maintain the life of the fountain pump
  • 1 resealable bag contains 25 water-soluble pods
  • 1 pod treats up to 25 gallons and lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Made in the USA! SHIPS for FREE!

Answers for those Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it safe for dogs/cats/birds to drink it?
A: Yes, we had your furry and feathered friends in mind when we developed Fountain Fresh. It's made from all-natural enzymes and is non-toxic so your pets or birds can drink out of a clean fountain without worry.

Q: Will it kill algae if I add it to dirty water?
A: No, it's not an algaecide, so it will not make dirty water clean. It prevents new algae from growing so if your water is dirty we suggest you empty the water, clean the fountain, then add new water and Fountain Fresh will keep it clear.

Q: I get some foaming after adding it. Is that normal?
A: It may depend on how many gallons of water are in your fountain, but yes it can be normal and is not an issue.

How to Select the Right Color:

Choosing a color can sometimes be overwhelming. We have collected all our ideas and favorite examples to help narrow it down to just the right one! Just follow the links below for all the details. If you need personal service feel free to email us at


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