Moss Balls

Decorative Moss Balls and Green Moss for the Home and Plants. The Garden Gates offers decorative woodland moss balls and green moss for all of your decorating needs. From different sized green moss balls for decorating to terrarium moss, The Garden Gates has a great selection of decorative balls and moss decorating solutions for a number of uses in your home. The Garden Gates' faux moss balls and decorative moss balls come in four different sizes for all of your decorating needs. These gorgeous faux moss balls are the perfect addition to baskets, bowls and anywhere a touch of greenery is needed but cannot support a living plant. The Garden Gates' woodland moss ball will never turn brown or carry insects because they are made of high-quality artificial materials for years of use and enjoyment. Choose from 4-inch, 6-inch, 8.5-inch and 12-inch sizes of moss balls for different spaces about your home or office. Learn more about moss balls and decorative moss balls for sale here. 
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