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Coverlets, Bedspreads, and Personal Comforters: Understanding the Difference

March 01, 2019

There’s an art to creating a comfy, welcoming bed. As the centerpiece of any bedroom, a bed should feel luxurious and cozy, and it should reflect the style of the home it is in and the people who use it. Whether you’re styling a welcoming guest bedroom or looking to update your own master bedroom, here’s what you need to know about luxurious linens!

Understanding the Different Types of Bedding

Here are some of the common types of bed covers you’ll find when shopping for luxury bed linens.


A coverlet is usually meant to be decorative instead of functional. When you use a coverlet, you’ll probably put it on top of your bedspread or comforter, and it won’t cover the pillows. It will probably extend to your box spring on the sides and not any further. Some smaller coverlets only cover the foot of the bed. Coverlets are an accent piece used to make a bed look beautiful and welcoming. 

Coverlets can add interesting textures or fun colors. They can be woven or quilted, and they can be accented with features like beads, ruffles, lace, or fringe. Since you won’t usually be cuddling up with your coverlet, it can add flair without having to focus on function. It’s usually a good idea to pair a coverlet with a dust ruffle or a longer bedspread.

Here are some examples of coverlets: the farmhouse-chic, ruffled Whisper Linen Coverlet; the shimmering, silk charmeuse trellis-quilted Luna Coverlet, and the damask patterned, silk-velvet-trimmed Adele Coverlet.


Similar to a coverlet, a bedspread is designed primarily for decoration instead of function. However, there’s a difference: a bedspread is larger and covers more of the bed. Bedspreads will normally cover the whole bed and touch the floor, so you don’t have to use a dust ruffle with them if you don’t want to. Bedspreads are often made of a thinner material, so they won’t add much warmth.

Bedspreads, like coverlets, can add a lot of interest and beauty to your bedroom. One of our favorite options is the gorgeous, simple linen Seville Bedspread, which is available in nine beautiful muted colors. 

Personal Comforter

A regular-sized comforter is a thick, warm bed topper that’s stuffed with down or fibers. It’s one of the most common bed covers because it can be stylish and functional at the same time, and you don’t necessarily need a bedspread or coverlet with your comforter if you don’t want them. Comforters are similar to duvets, but they don’t require that you use a duvet cover.

But there’s another type of comforters: personal comforters, which are a smaller version of the comforters we all know and love. If you’re looking for a cozy, lightly-padded comforter to use all year round, you can opt for the Paloma Personal Comforter with its shimmering charmeuse fabric or the ruffled, silk and linen Valentina Personal Comforter. These beautiful blankets can be used as a throw blanket or coverlet to add color, texture, or style to a bed or a sofa. 

At the Garden Gates, we have what you need to keep your home looking stylish and feeling cozy. Browse our selection of premium Bella Notte linens at! 

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