Types of Garden Fountains

Seven Types of Garden Fountains 

  • Wall Fountains 
  • Stand Alone Fountains 
  • Estate Fountains 
  • Large Garden Fountains 
  • 2 Tiered Fountains 
  • 3 Tiered Fountains 
  • 4 Tiered Fountains 

There are so many types of garden fountains that can enhance your home or patio area.  The types of garden fountains for sale can confuse anyone.  Gardens are often sanctuaries; places where you can relax and let your body take in a natural beauty that these outdoor paradises bring. It can never doubt that achieving such a perfect garden will require some considerable amount of effort, time and design. Transforming a landscape or a garden to look not just normal but more than a paradise will obviously require great minds in the landscaping business, a considerable amount of money well spent and certainly; exquisite accessories.



What Types of Garden Fountains are Available 

An elegantly designed landscape is an immense investment regarding raising the market value and beauty of the property. In doing this, the property owner may seek the services of a highly reputable landscape professional to design, install and maintain the garden. From creating a lush green garden, a great landscaper will possibly add flowers, plants sculptures, Waters features, paving, outdoor fireplace, swimming pools and many more. However, nothing will superbly enhance the garden and leave a remarkable memory on guests as a perfectly designed fountain but it is important to consider all types of garden fountains for your project.

A water fountain will in entirety change and overhaul the look of a garden by bringing an exciting feeling into it. This is an outstanding accessory that will transform an average outdoor space into a marvelous oasis. The sound of water gushing and flowing on the fountain will not only create a soothing and relaxing effect but will also attract birds and other wildlife, which will change the atmosphere into a lively sanctuary full of life, joy, and utmost beauty. Added to a landscape, there are no doubts that a fountain will become the focal point of the garden, turning it into a little heaven worth every investment, time, and dedication placed in achieving that.

As they become more popular with homeowners, commercial property owners and landscapers, fountains are now available in different and varying sizes, styles and materials. Each design is manufactured in a unique way to accentuate the landscape in a particular manner and bring certain effects to it. There are fountains that can be mounted on the wall, tiered, freestanding or disappearing. Given different tastes and needs of homeowners, fountains can be customized in accordance to the homeowner’s needs, space, their installation place, budget and maintenance that every individual is willing to perform.

Seven Types of Garden Fountains

Large Garden Fountains

Standing at 5’ tall and reaching the height of 7 and above, large garden fountains are stately accessories that are sure to make a grandiose statement in a landscape. They are ideally perfect embellishments for large gardens and outdoor living areas so that they are properly and easily showcased. This large canvas of art form is ultimately great for homeowners or commercial property owners who want to leave a long lasting impression on guests by making the fountain the focal point of a large garden.

Large garden fountains are idyllic for a multitude of locations in a landscape and can be the center of attention in a circular driveway or at the grand entrance of a home or property. These amazing water features are made from various materials with stone being the most common. They come in different forms and shapes and can be used to ensure splendidly that an expansive garden looks manicured and remain timeless.

Installing these enormous garden fountains in your landscape, especially through the help of landscaping professionals such the Garden Gates will ensure that your sprawling garden is recreated to become a peaceful paradise with a water haven that will capture the attention of every guest and make a long lasting impression. Some types of large garden fountains that you can consider for large gardens include; Beaufort Fountain by Campania International, Caterina Fountain in Basin, Beauvais Fountain by Campania International among others.

2-Tiered Garden Fountains 

Two-tiered fountain is classic fountains that have been in use for many years. Their simplicity both in design and size makes them fantastic for small gardens and patios in a landscape. These types of fountains allow water to flow from the upper bowl tower to a larger basin just beneath the upper bowl. The water magnificently circulates back to the upper bowl through the help of an electric fountain pump, thereby completing this impressive sequence. Two-tiered garden fountains are exceptionally perfect for the soothing sounds that are essential for scenic and quiet gardens.

At Garden Gates, there are a whole lot of two-tiered fountain gardens to choose from. These fountains are not unique, but are also durable and are sure to be an investment worth considering. Some of these fountains include; Acanthus two-tiered fountain, Amalfi two-tiered fountains, Barrington in Valencia Fountain by Henri Studio as well as many more.

3-Tiered Garden Fountains

Of all the fountains, there is arguably no other better way to create a soothing and relaxing environment in the garden that is ultimately perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day at work than a 3-tiered garden fountain. This is a traditionally classic fountain that is highly synonymous with Mediterranean countries such as Italy, France, and Spain. When installed in a garden, 3-tiered garden fountains instantly become the focal point of the garden and offers an incredible comforting sound as water cascade and spills down each tier.

More often, 3-tiered garden fountains are constructed of resin to make them durable and all-weather resistant. These types of fountains are favorable in every season and most certainly emit audible sounds as water gently gushes from the top tiers down to the lower basin before being pumped back up to repeat this stunning sequence. This is a water feature that will leave your garden dazzling with its elegance and ambiance. It can be suitable for any garden and will always evoke timeless memories with its charm, warmth, and beauty.

This is one type of fountain that comes in various options that are well-structured to elicit nothing but astonishing style, soothing water effects and unique forms of art that will be marveled at by many generations to come. Some of 3-tiered fountains include; Grande Kensington Three Tier Fountain in Pool by Henri Studio, Large Regal Tier Fountain by Henri Studio, Montreux Three-Tier Fountain by Henri Studio and Large Three-Tier Leonesco Fountain by Henri Studio.

Four-Tiered Garden Fountains

There is actually no other way of making a statement that cannot go wrong in your garden than installing a four-tiered garden fountain. This is virtually one of the most classic fountain choices that can marvelously work perfectly well with just about any landscape. Most of these four-tiered fountains have aesthetic elements in the way they are intricately shaped with unique four tiers that are made with envious details. 

The main focal points of these four-tiered garden fountains are based on their strong artistic features, the cascading sound of water dropping from the upper most tiers to the lower basin. The way water gushes through these tiers bring a relaxing and soothing sound effect to the garden that is not only hypnotic, but also fascinating to the eyes, body and the mind.

These types of garden fountains come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with the tiers being the main point of concentration for their vibrancy and accentual beauty in the way they let water spill from up all the way to the basin. These garden accessories involve a complexity of designs and can be made from various materials including stones, metal or fiberglass. 

Their durable elements are well documented and will provide a long life service with easy installation and maintenance to achieve an out-of-the-world performance. Some of the most popular four-tiered garden fountains stocked by Garden Gates include; Grande Contemporary Four Tier Fountain by Henri Studio, Palazzo Quattro Tier Fountain by Henri Studio, Four Tier Renaissance Fountain in Toscana Pool by Henri Studio and Quattro Classic Tier Fountain by Henri Studio among others.

Estate Fountains

Estate Fountains are the best way to come to terms with nature in the sense that they explicitly portray how moving water is the pulse of the earth. Estate fountains are indeed the confirmation human beings are highly gifted with the power and brains to dominate over every other part of this world. These are outdoor fountains that are extremely perfect for stately homes, estates, hotels, parks, large gardens, and municipalities.

These are mainly large pieces of statues, mostly measuring over four feet of diameter and can be as tall as it comes. Some of the estate fountains that are stocked by Garden Gates include; Chaumont Estate Garden Fountain by Campania International, Estate Longvue Fountain by Campania International, Charleston Garden Fountain by Campania International and Caterina Fountain in Basin by Campania International among others.

Stand Alone Garden Fountains

On type of garden fountain is the standalone garden fountains are very popular water features that are easy and affordable to install. They are in a way self-contained and contain all the working parts of any garden fountain. From plumbing to pump, these types of fountains can stand alone and does not need to be placed in a pond or pool because they have their own water reservoir. 

Stand-alone garden fountains are one of the great accessories for decks and patios and are easy to design, install and maintain. They do not call for major constructions and can be moved from one part of the landscape to the other should you feel the need to move them. In installing a Stand Alone fountain, a landscaper should ensure that the installation location is level and compact. The fountain can then be placed and water added to it. It should then be connected to a power source such as an electrical outlet, a solar panel or batteries.

These types of fountains are very convenient for any garden or landscape as they do not need external plumbing, piping or connection to another water body. Their location is never a headache as they can be placed anywhere within the garden and can be made from various materials including cast stone, fiberglass, metal, ceramic, and other materials. There is no doubt that Stand Alone Garden Fountains are beautiful and can stunningly enhance your landscape. 

They are superb for homeowners with smaller gardens and minimalist patios and outdoor spaces. Some of the sleek Stand Alone Fountains that you can find at Garden Gates include; Acorn Fountain, Amalfi Fountain by Campania International, Autumn Leaves Garden Fountain by Campania International and many more. 

Garden Wall Fountain

Here is another type of garden fountain that is used the most in the landscape. Garden wall fountain is known for the relaxation and sense of uniqueness that they bring in a garden. They do not require too much space and can be superbly personalized to fit on any given wall of your landscape. These water accessories have spouts, internal tubing, water basins, and pumps. These types of fountains can be structured either as freestanding fountains or can be mounted on walls. They come in different styles based on traditional fountains, modern, Asian or antique.


These types of fountains can also be mounted on an indoor space and can add ambiance both on an outdoor space as well. The sound they bring into the garden is an art form that will surely transform the landscape. These types of fountains can be mounted in various parts of the landscape including a balcony and an office. Some wall fountains include; 10’ Grande with Clear Glass Fountain, 8’ Grande Floor Fountain with Clear Glass, Bellezza with Bronze Mirror and Black Onyx GardenFall Floor Fountain with Clear Glass.

Garden fountains are amazing features that bring wonders to a landscape. Getting the best fountains that suit the type of your landscape is the first step towards this exciting journey. Now that you are aware of different types of garden fountains, you can make an informed choice based on your taste, needs and your landscape. Ensure that you get one of the best landscapers to carry out the design, installation and maintenance duties. Consider seeking the services of reputable landscapers such as Garden Gates, who stock some of the world’s best fountains and are experts in installing them.

Summary of Types of Garden Fountains

  • Wall Fountains 
  • Stand Alone Fountains 
  • Estate Fountains 
  • Large Garden Fountains 
  • 2 Tiered Fountains 
  • 3 Tiered Fountains 
  • 4 Tiered Fountains 

Once you have determined your favorite fountains, make a list of all the types of garden fountains in your area.  Visit local garden center and home store to shop all the types of garden fountains before making your final decision.

 If you are considering a garden fountain, make sure to understand all the types of garden fountains for sale before making your purchase. 


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