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    Four-Tiered Garden Fountains

    The Garden Gates tiered garden fountains come in a number of sizes and designs to work with any outdoor space and design. The four-tiered fountains define the landscape and create a destination point, offering a grand gesture of water to an outdoor design. Imagine these elegant tiered fountains offering the relaxing sounds of falling water. The four-tiered fountains by Campania International have a timeless style that will evoke southern charm, modern elegance, or a classic old-world style.

    The Garden Gates collection of outdoor products is all carefully selected. From the durable cast stone to the high-quality outdoor fabric our products are sustainable and timeless. The pieces offered in our collections are made from the love of outdoor living and with the purpose to add to the enjoyment of your space. The Garden Gates's mission is to inspire you with the beauty of the world outside your door and to be your guide in elevating your outdoor space.