Iconic New Orleans Courtyard Fountains

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The Iconic New Orleans Courtyard Fountain

New Orleans is steeped in a rich history and unique traditions. The most iconic architecture is that of the French Quarter. Closely built town homes that rise no more than three stories, surrounded by detailed cast iron galleries that face the street for all to see and then hiding the mystery of the courtyard.

French Quarter Galleries

There are so many hidden spaces and each with their own tale to tell. One of the greatest courtyards can be found hosting the lovey restaurant, Café Amelie

Cafe Amelie Sign



The French Quarter cafe was founded in 2005 and was named for Amelie Miltenberger, the mother of Princess Alice.

Princess Alice of Monaco

Princess Alice was the first American Princess of Monaco, who was born in the townhouse in the mid-1800s. Amelie’s father, Alphonse, was an architect by trade and he was also an entrepreneur of importing cast iron. The family became very influential by introducing large cast iron galleries on houses in the French Quarter. Princess Alice’s story is one of historical intrigue.

Cafe Amelie Courtyard

She lived most of her life in Europe, but often longed for the lush tropical splendor of her New Orleans courtyard, a scene of so much pleasure and joy in her youth. 

Lush Garden Cafe Amelie

Happily, the courtyard remains enchanting, lush and dreamy, in the spirit of the generous and stellar hostess.

True to the nature of the family business that built their empire, the Café Amelie courtyard hosts one of the oldest fountains in the city.

Cafe Amelie Iron Fountain

This well preserved three-tiered fountain with basin is made of cast iron. Surrounded by lush gardens of green and winter blooming trees this fountain is a site to behold.

The grand scale of the Café Amelie fountain defines the classic estate fountain style, made of a large basin, and at least two-tiered bowl centerpiece.


Here are the top 4 Estate fountains that evoke the feel of the iconic New Orleans Courtyards.

These best selling tiered fountains bring a bold and defining statement to the courtyard design. Offered in a range of styles and colors, these cast stone fountains are made to last a life time.

Newport Fountain by Campania International

The Newport Fountain is made for a larger space, with a diameter of approximately 8.5 feet and a height just over 6 feet. This four-tiered fountain offers a bold and classic design to the courtyard. A fountain of this size is ideal for the larger courtyards and place to capture the sound of falling water.

Charleston Garden Fountain by Campania International

The Charleston Fountain offers stunning details on each of the tiered bowls. This three-tiered master piece stands over 7 feet tall and is 8.5 feet in diameter. Placing the Charleston Fountain as focal point in a courtyard will draw in the soothing sounds of water.

Campania International Parisienne Two Tier Fountain

The estate fountain the evokes the most iconic New Orleans Courtyard look in the Parisienne Two Tier Fountain. This two-tiered water sculpture is full of personality. The details from the top bowl to the bottom basin allow your mind to wander through the design. Adding the soothing sounds of the Parisienne Two Tiered Fountain will turn your courtyard into an oasis. 

Campania International Caterina Fountain in Basin

For the courtyard that requires a smaller centerpiece, the Caterina Fountain is perfect. Shown here in Campania's Nero Nuovo stain, the Caterina Fountain is just under 5 feet tall and has a basin just over 6 feet in diameter. The classic curved silhouette of the two-tiered bowls lend to a lovely sound and vision for your courtyard.

We have so many other wonder fountains to meet all styles and sizes of courtyard and patio spaces. Our fountains by Campania International, provide the details on the type of sound they offer, easy assembly instructions and care. Check out more of our fountain collections and reach out if you have any questions!

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