Fountain Installation FAQ

Fountain Installation Questions:

You have asked, and we have answers! Correct fountain installation is well worth the extra effort; with a few tips to get set up, it will give you years of enjoyment. We hope you find the answers here, but if you think of something else, please let us know!

  • Do I need to prepare the ground before installing the fountain?

Yes, you will need to create a level surface. The area should allow you to access the fountain on all sites for the most part. Having a level fountain will allow for easy long-term maintenance.

  • Can I place my fountain on just the dirt in the garden?

The best place to put a fountain is on a hardscape, like concrete or pavers. Gravel is good, too. It must be on a surface that allows the cast stone to dry. Soil and mulch can act like a sponge, absorbing the water and not drying out entirely after a weather event.

  • Do I need to install plumbing for my fountain?

All our fountains have an internal circulation system for water. It can connect to a water source, but in almost all setups, these fountains are filled with water from the garden hose.

  • Can the pump be hard-wired to my electrical system?

Most of our pumps have a 16-foot cord and all have standard grounded plug. If you want to hard-wire your pump to a switch on your house, it would be best to hire a licensed electrician.

  • How much electricity will my fountain need to operate?

The pumps do not use that much electricity, no more than a kitchen appliance. The largest pump in use by Campania International is the PK800, and it uses 50 watts. Whereas the PK120-LV only uses 0.09 Watts.

  • What type of outlet do I need for my fountain pump?

All our pumps are designed to plug into a standard grounded outlet for outdoor use. You will want to ensure your outlet is close enough for the 16-ft cord to reach. Any licensed electrician can install a new outlet.

  • How do I add lights to my fountain?

Yes! The larger fountains look amazing with lights. There are two options: a single-light kit and a three-light kit. They can be linked together if you need more light. The lights are intended to be submerged in the water and shine upwards. They are LED, so changing out the light bulb is not a task anymore.

  • I have lost my Assembly Instructions, where can I find them?

All the Assembly Instructions are in the description on your fountain's product page. It is a link that will download into a PDF. We recommend reviewing these for all the part specifications, like weights and measurements. The instructions are also helpful when preparing for the arrival of your fountain.

  • How hard is it to assemble a fountain?

The Campania International fountains are components made of cast stone that stack together, from the largest piece to the smallest. Some of these pieces weigh a lot, and you need help moving them into place. Hiring strong backs and getting a good dolly with thick wheels and a few moving blankets is best for larger-capacity projects. Putting the fountain together is relatively simple once you have the help and tools. All the fountains have great assembly instructions that show and describe how to place the parts and run the tubing for the pump. Having a level area already prepared also makes this process go smoother.

  • What do I need to know when receiving a large fountain delivery?

The delivery company will call after the fountain has shipped to schedule the delivery appointment. They will arrive and place your fountain on your driveway at the curb. The drivers cannot unpack or set up your fountain. Check for any visible signs of damage and sign the delivery slip pending internal inspection. Should there be any issues, this helps with the claim process. If there is any damage, please take pictures and email them to within 48 hours. Once your fountain is checked in, it is time to assemble! We aim to help get your fountain up and running; please call or email us with any questions.

  • I have another question, help!

Please email We aim to help you create your ideal outdoor oasis. Please let us know all your questions about fountain design and maintenance.