Garden Planters and Urns

359 products

    359 products

    Planters and Urns 

    If you're searching for large planters, containers, window box planters, or small tabletop planters for your dream garden, look no further than The Garden Gates! Our outdoor garden planters and urns are always an excellent design choice to elevate your landscape. They're available in various styles and sizes, including the traditional planter, rustic planters, zen planters, ornate urns, heavyweight planters, hanging planters — the list goes on!

    The Garden Gates offers many unique styles and designs for planters and urns that are practical, functional, and beautiful, making them perfect for creating a stunning outdoor garden filled with greenery and annual color. You can always expect the highest quality when you buy garden urns and planters from The Garden Gates.

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    We Offer a Variety of Luxury Planters and Urns for Outdoor Living 

    Cast Stone Planters

    Cast stone planters are renowned for both their durability and their beautiful design. They're carefully handmade and stained in a wide range of colors so that you can find the perfect design that suits your unique landscaping needs. Homeowners can place cast stone planters on patios, porches, and anywhere they wish to add more elegance.

    Cast Stone Urns

    Consider our cast stone variety if you want to buy garden urns for your home. Not only are they sophisticated additions to any property, but they're also strong and will last many years. You can always go right with our cast stone designs for outdoor urns.

    Glazed Ceramic Planters

    Our vast collection also includes numerous glazed ceramic outdoor planters. Available in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors, all homeowners can find the perfect ceramic garden planters for their unique landscaping needs.

    Lightweight Planters

    We also offer lightweight plastic planters made from high-quality materials. Able to last outside throughout the year in any climate, you can depend on our plastic planters for their durability and clean and colorful appearance.

    Metal Garden Planters

    Our metal outdoor planter boxes are a fantastic option for homeowners interested in adding more visual variety to their landscaping. In addition to appearing stylish, you can count on our metal planters to also be resilient and long-lasting.

    Terracotta Planters

    Terracotta is a classic planter material for a reason. Garden planter boxes made with terracotta are excellent for raising plants because of the material's breathable nature. Not to mention, the rustic feel of terracotta will look beautiful in any garden.

    Fiberglass Lightweight Planters

    Looking for a way to add a pop of color to your landscaping? Then our fiberglass lightweight planters will be a perfect addition to your garden.

    Garden Planters Box 

    Homeowners who want to cultivate a more minimalist feel for their modern landscaping design will love our numerous outdoor planters box options. Available in numerous sizes and colors and carefully handmade with cast stone, they're ideal for outdoor and indoor design.

    Outdoor Urn Planters

    When it comes to traditional garden design, there's no beating garden urn planters — and The Garden Gates has them in spades. Our collection includes garden urn planters of many different designs and colors, allowing homeowners like you to discover the perfect match for your future garden.

    Buy Planters and Urns for Your Garden Today

    Our mission is to inspire you with the world's beauty outside your home and guide you in elevating your outdoor space. Whether you want large heavyweight or small hanging planters for your garden, know that The Garden Gates will have the quality products you need.

    Have a question about our planters and urns, or don't know what to plant in them? Our team of designers and horticulturalists is here to offer an answer.

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