Complete Fountain Collection

215 products

    215 products

    Complete Fountain Collection

    The Garden Gates Collection of fountains offers a range of styles and colors for your outdoor decor project. Patio fountains style ranging from Pedestal, Tiered, and Bowl Fountains are mid-range sizes that complement most gardens. The Tabletop Fountains are smaller versions of their counterpart, the Patio Fountain, and are perfect for intimate outdoor settings or even personal offices. The grand scale of the Estate Fountains brings large garden landscapes to life with the 4-tiered and 3-tiered fountains in large basins. All of these amazing garden water sculptures bring the element of water and life to any luxury outdoor decor setting.

    The Garden Gates collection of outdoor products is all carefully selected. Our products are sustainable and timeless, from durable cast stone to high-quality outdoor fabric. The pieces offered in our collections are made from the love of outdoor living and with the purpose to add to the enjoyment of your space. The Garden Gates's mission is to inspire you with the world's beauty outside your door and guide you in elevating your outdoor space.

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    Beautiful Outdoor Water Features for Your Home 

    Estate Fountains

    Estate fountains are a classic style for a reason. Our collection includes numerous multi-tiered fountains that aren't just stately and visually appealing but will become a beautiful focal point for your landscaping design. Homeowners can never go wrong with incorporating estate fountains into their gardens — especially ours, made from the highest grade cast stone.

    Patio Fountains

    Our selection of patio fountains comes in diverse designs, styles, and sizes, meaning you can find one that perfectly fits your aesthetic needs. Not only are each of our patio fountains expertly crafted, but homeowners can also have them stained in their preferred color to complement their design goals further.

    Tabletop Fountains

    This type of fountain is an excellent addition to any garden. Their smaller, more compact size makes them well-suited for a wide range of locations — even indoors. Browse our tabletop fountain selection to discover the perfect one for your home.

    Tiered Fountains

    The Garden Gates offers numerous design options for tiered fountains. From the Escala and Esplanade styles to Williamsburg and Wiltshire, our high-quality tiered fountains handmade by Campania International will surely tie your landscaping designs together.

    Wall Fountains

    Wall fountains are identified by their flat back, which makes them suited well for smaller spaces. Whether you prefer a traditional style or something more modern, you're certain to find wall fountains that complement your design needs in our collection.

    Glazed Fountain

    Our ceramic glazed fountains only require a space with an electrical outlet. This makes them an ideal choice for homeowners who want to buy self-contained outdoor garden fountains.

    Lightweight Fountains

    Consider our lightweight outdoor fountains if you're looking for a way to make a small outdoor space more visually interesting. These yard fountains are crafted using various materials and are easy to assemble, making them a welcome addition to any patio space.

    Fountain Care and Accessories

    In addition to offering homeowners beautiful outdoor living fountains, we also help supply them with the necessary equipment to take care of them. At The Garden Gates, you can acquire fountain pumps, lights, covers, and much more to ensure that all your garden water features are properly maintained.

    Luxury Garden Fountains 

    The Garden Gates collection of lawn fountains offers a variety of different styles and colors to choose from for your outdoor decor project. Our many outdoor living fountains and other products are carefully selected to ensure they're of the highest quality possible. From durable cast stone to other premium materials, our products are trusted for being sustainable and timeless.

    The pieces offered in our collections are made from the love of outdoor living to improve your enjoyment of your garden, backyard, patio, and other spaces. The Garden Gates's mission is to inspire you with the beauty of the world outside your door and to be your guide in elevating your outdoor spaces with the help of our exceptional garden fountains.

    Outdoor Fountain Design Services 

    At The Garden Gates, we craft many of our outdoor fountains and other products — meaning that we can help you design a custom fountain that best suits your unique backyard. Our professional outdoor fountain design services allow homeowners to obtain a truly one-of-a-kind backyard fountain through personalized colors, sizes, and more.

    Buy Outdoor Fountains for Your Yard From The Garden Gates Today 

    All of our amazing outdoor water features bring the beauty of cascading water to any luxury decor setting — from our glazed garden water features to our three-tier stone fountains; homeowners can always expect quality. That's why when you need beautiful water fountains for outdoor spaces, you can find the perfect match for your dream patio at The Garden Gates.

    For more information on our beautiful outdoor fountains and other water features, contact The Garden Gates today. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our fountains and other water features.

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