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Cast Stone Planter, Decorative Containers, and Pots.┬áPlanters and Containers for Home and Outdoor Decor Containers and planters for home decor are an important aspect to decorating. A well-decorated home is not complete without a few living plants perfectly placed in attractive urns and pots for indoors or outdoor covered areas. We are especially fond of white glazed pottery since it goes so well with so many types of home decor these days, and there is always a place for a chic yet simple pot. Use these small planters for orchids, ferns, English ivies and other house plants. These beautiful and sophisticated containers will dress up any space and any indoor plant. Glazed white pottery and containers come in many styles and sizes, such as those with a raised magnolia design, leaf handles, scroll handles, Tuscan cubes, and a number of modern looks as well. Use these containers in kitchens, hallways, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms for a fresh addition to any decor.