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Campania Garden Urns and Campania Planter Pots. Campania International's large urns and planter pots come in a nice variety of finishes and sizes. Plant pots and pedestal urns from Campania International come from the United States and range from contemporary urn designs to traditional planters for outdoor gardens. The Garden Gates carries garden pots and outdoor planters that are stately and timeless. Known for their excellent stone finishes and durability, outdoor planters from Campania International retain their value and classic look for years. From pots and planters to large planters and massive outdoor garden pots, Campania International understands taste and style. Assorted pottery and outdoor urn planters make excellent outdoor containers because of their shapes and sizes. Find the perfect topiary pottery and plant pots for a paved patio or small outdoor area with wonderful collection to fit any look and budget. Still looking? Shop online for the best selection and customer service 7 days a week. From dramatic urns to just the perfect accent for your patio, we will help you find the perfect addition to add color and life to your outdoor garden, deck or paved patio. Campania Large Planters Urns Find the perfect large planters and pot from The Garden Gates in our garden urn section. Deck planters, patio gardens, and flower boxes are easy to create and find with our beautiful collection of urns and outdoor planters. Let our team of experts create stunning outdoor gardens simply using planter pots, window planters, and planter boxes. If you are looking for large planters and pots for outdoor gardens, shop our brands online to find the best cast stone urns that are delivered right to your door. Choose from Aged Limestone, Alpine Stone, Brown Stone, Copper Bronze, English Moss, Ferro Rustico, Grey Stone, Pietra Vecchia, Terra Nera, Travertine, Verde and Natural to create a lasting style in your everyday life. Make your outdoor landscaping better with The Garden Gates' window planters, planter pots, and garden pots.
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