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    194 products

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    Campania fountains offer the best outdoor garden fountains for the home, landscape project, or office. All Campania fountains come in a number of patinas and finishes to match your outdoor decor. Each Campania fountain comes in a classic grey stone finish, rusty terra cotta, and everything in between. The Garden Gates's selection of fountain finishes will go perfectly with your existing outdoor finish or inspire you to create a whole new look.

    What Makes Campania Fountains Special?

    Diverse Styles

    Campania International water fountains stand out for their diverse styles, which makes them a perfect choice for property owners seeking the ideal water fountain to complement their aesthetic preferences. With a great variety of designs — including urn-style fountains and simple yet elegant options — Campania International ensures that every customer can find a fountain that enhances the beauty of their outdoor space.

    Their product range caters to different tastes, providing a happy medium between classic and contemporary styles. Whether you seek a traditional urn fountain or a more modern and simplistic design, Campania International Fountains will bring a touch of uniqueness to your outdoor spaces.

    Innovative Designs

    Campania International fountains are distinguished by their innovative designs and unique creations — setting them apart in the market. The company consistently pushes the boundaries of traditional water fountain concepts, introducing urn-style fountains that fill outdoor spaces with an artistic flair. 

    The day you decide to check out Campania International's product line is the day you open the door to a world of creative possibilities for your outdoor decor. Their commitment to crafting innovative and distinctive options ensures that you can bring a touch of individuality to your surroundings and make your outdoor space a reflection of your personal style.


    Another reason why Campania International fountains are truly special is their use of high-quality materials that contribute to the beauty, durability, and long-lasting life of their products. Crafted carefully, these fountains are made to withstand the elements while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. This means that their fountains are not only visually pleasing but also built to withstand the test of time.

    The great care taken in selecting and using premium materials ensures quality craftsmanship in each fountain. When you invest in a Campania International fountain, you are not just buying a water feature — you are bringing a piece of enduring artistry to your outdoor space.

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    The Garden Gates collection of outdoor products is carefully selected. From durable cast stone water fountains to captivating planters, our products are sustainable and timeless. The pieces offered in our collections are made from the love of outdoor living and with the purpose of adding to the enjoyment of your space. Our mission is to inspire you with the beauty of the world outside your door and to be your guide in elevating your outdoor space.

    For more information on our Campania fountains and to order one for your patio or landscaping, reach out today.

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