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    Bird Statues 

    This collection of cast stone Bird Statues offers a wide range of bird types and characters. Choose from a selection of custom colors for the perfect piece to give as a gift or place in the ideal spot in a garden or landscape setting.

    Bird Statues of a larger size make fantastic focal points in urban and suburban settings. The smaller Bird Statues are fun gifts, ideal for seasonal tabletop arrangements or as interesting talking points for the garden. Bird Statues bring joy and life to the garden, and with the detailed nature of Campania International's craftsmanship, there is a perfect bird for every space.

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    Bird Statues Bring Symbolism to Your Backyard


    If you wish to add mystique and supernatural charm to an outdoor space, owl bird sculptures are a perfect choice. Many cultures believe this bird species represents spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Others associate them with death, the afterlife, and the night, given their nocturnal nature. Whatever you believe in, an owl statue is certain to bring a mysterious feel to your garden.


    Gardens are meant to be peaceful, calming spaces — so what better way to reflect that than with a dove? The beauty of these birds is known around the world and is heavily associated with peace and love throughout many religions. As such, the presence of a dove statue can help you make your garden spaces soothing and peaceful.

    Predatory Birds

    A yard featuring statues of eagles, herons, egrets, and other powerful birds who rule the skies will foster a sense of elegance and power. Eagles, in particular, are known in many cultures for their strength and speed and are seen as protectors. As such, if you're searching for a guardian for your landscaping, you can never go wrong with an imposing eagle statue. Herons, meanwhile, carry many different meanings around the world, including renewal, purity, longevity, and good fortune — making them a perfect fit for calming garden spaces.

    Aquatic Birds

    Longing for the ocean and want to introduce aquatic imagery to your backyard? Our selection of water bird statues is certain to fit into your aquatic vision. For example, our highly detailed pelican statues can help you cultivate seaside scenery. Alternatively, our goose and duck statues are evocative of more inland wetlands, like rivers and marshes. Whatever the case may be, a pond or body of water on your property will look completed when accompanied by a beautiful aquatic bird.

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    No matter which of our bird garden statues you desire for your landscaping or garden design, their wings will cultivate a greater sense of freedom and prosperity in your natural spaces. To browse more outdoor works of art in our collection and to learn more about what goes into each piece, call The Garden Gates today.

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