Top 5 Patio Fountain Styles

Top 5 Patio Fountain Styles

We all have different outdoor spaces, porches, patios, deck or gardens, these spaces are the outdoor sanctuary we all need. Patio fountains bring the elements of sound, water, and visual calm to these spaces. The Patio Fountain Collection has a size or style that will fit into anyones outdoor design. These are 5 of our favorite patio fountain styles.

1. The Classic Patio Fountain

The Classic Pedestal Fountain is ideal to place as a focal point in a moderately sized garden space. Most are about 30 to 36 inches tall, similar to a medium birdbath. Our favorite is the Campania International Chadsworth Fountain. Made of cast stone and shown in the Nero Nuovo Patina this piece is striking amongst a garden of bright green plants.

Campania International Chatsworth Fountain


2. The Wall Patio Fountain

For those who like to optimize their play space and have the joy of the sound of water a Wall Fountain is the way to go. There are lots of sizes and styles in this growing category of outdoor decor and after much deliberation we choose Campania International's Colonna Fountain as our favorite. This piece has a classic look while embracing a simple modern style. The water flows from a copper spout into two bowls, creating a lovely sound of a steady stream.

Campania International Colonna Fountain


3. The Modern Patio Fountain

Always the conversation piece in any landscape setting the Modern Patio Fountains are the definition of art in motion. Like all patio fountains they come in a range of sizes and styles. The most talked about these days is the Facet Small Fountain by Campania International. Combining the element of cast stone and copper this fountain is a show stopper.

Campania International Facet Small Fountain

4. The Bowl Patio Fountain

Simplistic and calming the Bowl Patio Fountain adds the element of water in a more subtle way. These charming fountains embrace both function and form, in a range of sizes. The lovely texture of the Campania International Equinox Garden Terrace Fountain gives a beautiful visual effect. This smaller fountain is perfect for a tabletop or a small patio.

Campania International Equinox Garden Terrace Fountain

5. The Tiered Patio Fountain

For impact and sound the Tiered Patio Fountain is the answer. Available in a range of sizes these fountains work with all types of landscape settings. The Savannah Fountain is the latest inspiration we love by Campania International. This 3-tiered piece is a gorgeous statement for any moderate to large garden space. The cascading sound of water will define the oasis of calm and relaxation of your outdoor space.

Campania International Savannah Fountain

We hope you enjoyed our selections. Please tune in for more inspirations on how to make your home the luxurious outdoor space you deserve!

Thank you for being our daily inspiration.

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