Top 10 Landscaping Ideas with Classic New Orleans Style

Make the most of your outdoor space with professional landscaping and stylish design. Whether you’re looking for a small outdoor update or a complete landscape transformation, these 10 trends are sure to inspire your next project. New Orleans garden style is distinctive and stylized; some of today’s most iconic trends were first launched in the late 1800s! These design ideas can be adapted to fit your space and style, so you can create modern outdoor entertainment spaces or family-friendly backyards.

Upgrade your New Orleans landscaping with these 10 easy-to-maintain tips:

  1. Paver Pathways. Distinctive concrete, brick, or stone pavers can be arranged with eye-catching, intricate patterns. Traditionally, New Orleans garden paths ran in straight, clean lines, but you can also opt for a more bohemian style by winding a path through your garden.
  2. Decorative Vines. With a little bit of plant training, you can easily dress up a fence, wall, or arbor in green. Star jasmine is a fast-growing, fragrant vine that you can train to crawl up, down, or around virtually anything. For a more classical look, you can’t beat the polished style of clean, crisscrossing vines on a white stone wall.
  3. Filigree Fences. Wrought-iron or cast-iron fences and gates are a staple in New Orleans landscape design. Whether you’re looking to create a stylish gated entrance or a garden fence, don’t forget the filigree!
  4. Tall Ceramic Planters. Outdoor potted plants thrive in New Orleans, so it makes sense why container gardens are so popular. You can place a lively spark of green on the patio, front porch, by the pool, and even on a balcony. When you’re shopping for planters, we recommend that you invest in a few statement pieces. Tall ceramic pots add beautiful height variance, can hold larger, leafy plants, and stand out with artistic style.
  5. Stylish Shade. Many New Orleans homes are built with pergolas or roofed overhangs to help you stay cool and shaded under the southern sun. If you don’t have overhead cover, you can easily update your outdoor space and improve comfort with a large outdoor umbrella. Or, you may be able to have a linen shade drape system created for you. 
  6. Comfortable Seating. Whether you prefer to watch the world pass from the front porch or gather with friends in the backyard, comfortable seating is a must-have! Look for cushioned sets with enough seating for your entire party. Dark-colored all-weather wicker and clean lines are New Orleans staples.
  7. Crisp Lawn Lines. In this part of the country, it’s probably best to look into artificial grass because traditional grass lawns are fairly high-maintenance. Dog-friendly, kid-friendly turf grass allows you to maintain crisp, clean lines without any of the hassle of mowing, watering, or managing pests.
  8. Falling Greenery. In such a warm, rainy climate, trying to control vines might not be a battle worth fighting. Depending on your preferred landscaping style, you might consider allowing the vines to grow naturally. The full, lush look of trailing vines and falling greenery are part of what makes New Orleans so magical.
  9. Running Water Features. Adding a water feature into your hardscape design might be easier than you think. Running water fountains add immense value to the ambiance and energy of your outdoor space. Plus, the sound of running water can automatically help you feel cooler in the summer heat!
  10. Tropical Touches. In classic New Orleans garden styles, landscapers tend to stick with green and white. We recommend that you break out of the mold! Tropical plants can help liven up summer gardens with large, fragrant flowers that aren’t swayed by the heat and bloom for a long time. Bird-of-paradise, ginger, and hibiscus are three gorgeous tropical flowers that are easy to plant and enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for a little DIY help and advice, curated shopping for outdoor accessories, or a complete landscape renovation team, contact The Garden Gates Landscaping Company for help!


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