Time to Update Your Outdoor Lamps & Posts?

You should be able to enjoy your outdoor space in the cool evening hours, not just when the sun is shining! And, you should always feel secure in your own yard. That means you need good outdoor lighting to guide your way and illuminate your property. Do you think it’s time to update your outdoor lighting? Here’s why you should consider adding lamp posts to your property! 

Lamp Posts Are Welcoming

When your property is well-lit, your home will look warm and welcoming to guests, and you’ll enjoy the glow of the lamps every evening. Lamps and posts are perfect for lighting walkways, driveways, gardens, yards, and patios.

They Project Light Over a Large Area

Outdoor lamps on a post are an excellent way to shed light on an entire area. Sometimes, wall-mounted lights—depending on the style and the direction they face—only shed light on a small area below the light. Post-mounted lanterns or lamps will never have that problem. 

They Keep You and Your Family Safe

Good outdoor lighting can help deter intruders and keep your home and family safe. And, it helps you see what’s going on if you ever hear a bump in the night. Lighting can also keep pesky wildlife away, so you’re less likely to have critters going through your garbage when there is a bright light nearby. 

They Look Traditional and Classic

Match your home’s traditional aesthetic with beautiful, classic lampposts. They are ideal for all types of homes, from country estates to city townhouses to suburban family homes. Choose the color that looks best with your home and landscaping—white and black are the most popular choices for lamps and lampposts. Lampposts are also ideal for businesses and commercial properties.

Today’s Lamps and Posts are Durable and Low-Maintenance

While your new traditional-style lamp might look like it’s an antique, it is actually made of polyethylene—a durable, easy-care material that is highly weather-resistant and can stand up to years of use outdoors. 

Two Excellent Lamp Posts to Light Up Your Yard

The Signature Lamp Post and Liberty Lamp Post both have handsome traditional designs that will look great with any classic style lantern. Both styles are available in either white or black and are constructed from high-quality, UV-resistant materials. Keep in mind, these lamp posts are designed to retrofit over an existing post lamp fixture, so if you don’t have the posts and wiring in place, you will need to have those installed before you can enjoy the welcoming glow of your new lampposts. 

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