The Simplicity of a Tabletop Fountain

Set aside time every day, for yourself.

Morning sunrise through the leaf foliage of an American Elm TreeTake one deep breath…..I tell myself, as I can feel the tension in my back relax just a bit. It reminds me to take the time even if it is just ten minutes to sit and be present in the moment. This practice has become part of my daily routine, but only in recent years. Meditation is a skill that does not take much effort to learn nor a ton of time, but it is a game-changer for anxiety and well, everything, even parenting. If you remember, when the teacher put you in time out for being naughty…well we still need that time out for our brains to stop racing.
Ripple Fountain by Campania International

You can take these brief moments at any given point or place in the day, or, if you are like me, you will want to create a place of intended meditation. My spot is on my back deck, watching and listening to the birds or the conversions of our neighborly dogs. Reconnecting with the nature around us is so beneficial to our overall well-being. The sound of water from my fountain helps round out this experience and allows me to calm my mind and just breathe.

Keeping it simple, a Tabletop Fountain is the best option. 

  • The water is a nice bubbling sound, not too loud or bold. 
  • The size is great because it can be placed anywhere.
  • If you can’t be outside they can easily be placed indoors, bringing nature to you. 
  • They are easy to maintain and only require an electrical outlet for the pump.
  • Fountains, inside or outside are just good for your overall health.

These are just some of the favorites!

Campania International M-series Flores Fountain

The Campania International M-series Flores Fountain

Campania International M-series Kenzo Fountain

Campania International M-series Kenzo Fountain

Campania International M-series Medallion Fountain

Campania International M-series Medallion Fountain

Each day is so special, be gracious with yourself and allow light to be in your heart. My mantra in every day life comes from Tamara Levitt with Calm "May you be happy, may your heart be at peace, may you be healthy."

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