The Importance of Birdbath Fountains

Birdbaths Fountains, Just Going with the Flow

This morning I was up before the sun and took the opportunity to enjoy outside before the heat arrived. I was not the only one, as the sun rose, slowly casting rays of light over the calm water in the lake, a chorus of sound erupted from the trees.  The song birds had the same idea, start the day early and enjoy the moment of the waking sun. Naturally, this mama duck and her eight babies had to take their bath and have breakfast. The moment was just simple, natural and magical.

The joy of birds in the garden brings us all together to appreciate nature in our backyards. There are so many different species that we can attract to our space, each one playing a unique role in our ecosystem. These colorful creatures are always amazing to watch. Our family will often name the ones that visit the bird feeders and the kids love to image what happens in their world. 

A fabulous way to introduce the world of birding into your garden is a birdbath fountain. We all know the bird bath and how important these water breaks can be for the birds. The birdbath fountain takes this experience to the next level. Using a similar concept of form and use, these fountains offer the added benefit of flowing water. 

The Benefits of Birdbath Fountains:

  • Flowing water keeps mosquitos and other water bugs from breeding. 
  • Offers a more cooling experience for the birds and you. 
  • We all love the calming sound of water flowing from a fountain!
  • Creates an active engagement in the garden for everyone. Birds bring us together.

Birdbath fountains are not hard to maintain or setup. 

  • The Campania International Birdbath Fountains only require an outdoor electric outlet for the pump. They are easily filled with water from the hose.
  • Keeping the water fresh is so important for the birds and the longevity of the fountain pump. To keep this simple, keep the water level and cleanliness of the fountain current by just spraying it out with the hose to remove any debris. This can be done as needed but definitely once a week durning the warmest months.
  • Then in the winter if you live where it snows and freezes, remove all the water and cover with a fountain cover until Spring arrives. Campania International has recommended fountain covers for all their fountains.
  • It is important to remember that for a birdbath fountain the water should to be shallow and the flow of water to just bubble. We want the birds to have a lovely bath and not get into deep, one to two inches is perfect!

Three Beautiful Birdbaths

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