The Campania International Parisienne Two Tiered Fountain - French Style

The Parisienne two tier fountain by Campania International is a new design from the famous cast stone outdoor company. This decorative estate fountain with its intricate details is a departure from their traditional designs, but it holds its own in their large garden fountain collection and has quickly become a new favorite of customers everywhere. Water gently cascades from the top tier of this fountain and then is spit from lion faces in the next tier to makes its way down to the basin for recirculation, creating relaxing sounds and sights for anyone in the vicinity of the Parisienne fountain. 

Top Features of the Parisienne Two Tier Fountain:

  1. 83 inches tall

  2. 64 inches wide

  3. 2,295 pounds

  4. Available in 12 colors - stained to order

  5. Comes in one tier version

  6. Lion spitters on middle tier

  7. Filigree detail around base

  8. Free shipping

  9. Bubbling top finial

  10. Made in the USA

  11. Ships in 14 business days

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Large estate fountains by Campania International have become one of their expertises, and their wonderful collection makes it easy for any homeowner to add a significant garden fountain to their property. The process of ordering and installing a large garden fountain can seem daunting, but it is actually very easy. As the home or business owner you will need to find a space where the fountain would look beautiful and make sure that you have access to electricity, water (optional) and level ground. You will need to select a finish color that complements your space or stands out if you so wish. Once you’ve ordered the right size and color fountain, please allow about two weeks for Campania to custom stain all of the pieces and package them for shipping. These large fountains always ship with a freight company, and they are instructed to call the customer to schedule delivery appointment when the shipment is in their area for delivery. The driver will unload the pallet or crates off of his truck and can bring them to your curb or driveway.

Learn more about the Campania International Parisienne Two Tiered Fountain here

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