The Benefits of Birdbaths

Birdbaths, for the Birds and You!

Birdbaths add the beauty of statuary and color to your outdoor space and attract birds by artfully mimicking nature. There are a wide variety of birdbaths to choose from as they range from small and short pieces to tall and statuesque. Birdbaths also benefit both you and the birds as they stop by for a drink of water or even a quick bath!

Birdbaths truly benefit birds in your region by creating an oasis for the feathered friends. Water is a vital natural element for a bird’s lifespan. The water provided in the birdbath can help regulate a bird’s body temperature and keep the birds happy. The water in the birdbath assists the birds by offering a quick stop to drink and allowing the birds to cleanse any impurities from their plumage. Birdbaths are a benefit to people as well, attracting new birds to the area and encouraging healthy habitats. Adding a small space in your outdoor life for the birds with a birdbath, bird feeder or bird house, will offer enjoyment for you and the birds.

Here are Our Top 3 Favorite Birdbaths:

My Heart is in the Garden Birdbath by Campania International
This cast stone birdbath by Campania International speaks for itself. The name is perfectly etched on the front of the birdbath with a heart shaped top. The birdbath stands about 2 feet tall and is pictured above in the Alpine Stone patina.
SplishinSplash Birdbath in Polished Copper by Good Directions
This adorable birdbath is literally hand-crafted to look like an antique bathtub! The Splishin Splash Birdbath, by Good Directions, is made of copper and should last a lifetime. If you know any bird lovers, this would also be the perfect gift to place in any landscape. 
Small Dragonfly Birdbath by Campania International
The Small Dragonfly Birdbath by Campania International is perfect for nestling the piece into a garden or even as a focal point anywhere on your landscape. This birdbath is also light enough to be placed on a tabletop as well. The intricate dragonfly designs shown above in the Alpine Stone patina on this cast stone piece are exquisite. 

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