Summer Garden Inspiration

Gibbs Gardens

The warm summer months had us looking for some cool shade and beautiful gardens. Traveling just about an hour north of Atlanta, Gibbs Gardens offers acres of beautiful landscaped and natural gardens to wander through. 

It is truly a magical place, inspired by the art of Monet, the natural movement of the land and seasons, and the detailed flow of a Japanese garden. Gibbs Garden is a place for everyone to just take a moment to pause. 

The history of this garden rests on the founder Mr Jim Gibbs. His vision is not one of the stiff planning like a standard landscape project at this scale, rather, he lets the earth speak to him. This organic method of gardening really reflects the love of the land and it is seen in the gentle nature of his gardens. 

Gibbs Gardens captures the essence of the land and the spirit of the garden.Our journey only capture just a fraction of the acres of gardens, this is a place to revisit! Next time to capture the special blooms of the Daffodils or Flowering Cherry Trees.

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