Sculptures and Statues to Enhance the Garden

A Garden's Personality, Statues and Sculptures

Including a statue or sculpture in your garden is an easy way to add element to the garden for aesthetic purposes or simply to add some character. Statues are placed in the garden with the intention of being seen. These can be mythical statues, garden gnome statues, or even sculptures that depict imaginary scenarios. This simple addition can show your personality, tell a story, or create a space for meditation. 
The perfect place for your statue or sculpture should where it can be seen from indoors looking out at the garden or as a focal point of your outdoor garden sanctuary. Another idea, for those who like to meditate outside, is to place a zen statue in the area where you can zone out and listen to all the outdoor sounds. Overall, you want to place your new statuary piece wherever it makes you feel good.


Here are Our Top 3 Favorite Statues & Sculptures:


Once Upon a Moon Statue by Campania International


This statue by Campania International depicts an imaginary dream of a little girl hanging on a crescent moon. This charming statue is made of cast stone and stands about 2 feet tall and is shown here in the gorgeous Ferro Rustico patina. Tell your story with the Once Upon A Moon Statue and surely you will catch some smiles.

Wood Nymph Garden Statue by Campania International


The Wood Nymph statue by Campania International is known for being a nature goddess or a dryad from ancient Greek mythology. This gorgeous statue is made of cast stone and stands about 3 feet tall and is shown above in the Copper Bronze patina. This stunning statue can be placed anywhere amongst your garden.


Big Fred Statue by Campania International


The Big Fred Statue by Campania International offers a 2-in-1 deal. First, this cast stone statue is obviously a garden gnome, but not your typical garden gnome. Big Fred is a garden gnome who loves to meditate and brings peace to your garden sanctuary. Shown above in the English Moss patina, this cast stone statue can be placed anywhere. The Big Fred Statue is about 1 foot tall as he is seated and meditating.

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