Rain Chains: Attract Birds While Adding Beauty and Function!

rain chains

Imagine sitting in the shelter of your porch during a rain shower. The plants and trees are soaking up the rain, the birds are sheltering nearby in the trees, and you’re enjoying the relaxing sounds all around you—including the water cascading down the nearby copper rain chain, making a pleasant tinkling sound that’s music to your ears.

What Are Rain Chains, and What Are They For?

Rain chains are a simple metal chain (usually copper) with cups or links spaced every few inches. They are attached to the edge of your roof or your rain gutter, hanging down nearly to the ground. When the April showers come along, rain chains can direct the rainwater where you want it to go so that your May flowers come up strong and healthy!

Did you know that, in Japan, rain chains are often used instead of downspouts on gutters? Yes, these beautiful garden decorations are completely functional, too! They’ll protect the foundation of your home from getting waterlogged. They can also, like downspouts, direct water straight into your rain barrel, container garden, or a flower bed. They can’t usually be used to replace all your downspouts, unfortunately—but you can add one or two to your home to enhance its beauty—after all, downspouts aren’t very pretty at all!

How Do Rain Chains Work?

Rain chains are easy to install—simply hang them where you want them! Once hung, when it rains, the water flows down the rain chain on the principle of surface tension. Basically, the water clings to the chain and is guided down to the end of the chain, where it reaches the ground, a basin or other container.

How Do Rain Chains Attract Birds?

Did you know that birds have great hearing? They are always listening for certain sounds: ones that will lead them to either food, water, or shelter. (They’re also always listening for sounds of predators so they can get away fast!) Birds love the sound of running water—splashing, bubbling, and cascading noises— so if you have a fountain, a rain chain, or any other feature with moving water, you’ll probably find yourself with more wild birds on your property. They can hear this sound from very far away, and they’ll flock to you! In light rains, birds can even perch on your rain chain and drink from the cups or bathe themselves in the gently cascading water. It’s like a bird shower! 

What Style of Rain Chain Should I Get?

There are so many beautiful styles to choose from! Tulip rain chains, fish rain chains, pineapple rain chains, umbrella rain chains, wine glass rain chains and more. In addition to the different-shaped cups, you can also choose different styles of chain, from simple links to double links and even bamboo-shaped rain chains. And, you can choose from different colors. Copper is the traditional material for rain chains, but you can get bright-and-shiny copper or you can get a chain that already has the blue-green patina of aged copper.

Which one suits your style best? Find them all right here!

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