Planter gardens that Dad can joke about

Mayne Planter Gardens for Dad

Did you hear about the engineer who liked gardening?
He was developing latest cutting hedge technology

Speaking of cutting "hedge technology", Mayne planters make the best Father’s Day gifts. They are super low-maintenance, lightweight and there are lots of styles to choose from. These planters are durable, versatile, and made for year round use. The look of these planters works well indoors or outdoors, in any space that needs fresh greenery or a pop of color. 

Planter Gardens make Dad smile:

  • Inside plants add oxygen to the air, helping to keep it clean and fresh. Generally indoor plants are a great way to improve the health of the home.
  • Adding planters to a front porch brings positive energy into the home and creates an inviting space.
  • On a covered deck, shade plants help soften the space adding charming ambiance.
  • In the garden, planters can elevate your annual color or highlight an important planting arrangement.
  • Most importantly Planter Gardens bring joy. The simple nature of growing something beautiful lifts the spirits and calms the mind. 

What about up-keep?

Why do plants use photosynthesis?
So they can have a light snack

Full sun, shade to indoor light these planters can be placed anywhere that works for your plants. The success of a plants in a container often rests on the amount of water that they are given. As the weather warms up, outside plants will need to watered more often, especially when they are in a planter or container.  Inside plants definitely don't need as much water, usually once a week at the most. There are no holes in the Mayne planters so no messy inside puddles! One of the benefits of the self-watering containers, watering can be less frequent and less water is used. Instead of all that water running through drainage holes, it get captured by the container and the plant absorbs the rest through capillary action

All the technical stuff aside, plants in these planters will require less work and hopefully add more enjoyment to you and Dad’s planting experience.

Perfecting Planter Gardens is always a process of trowel and error.

Mayne Planters Picked by our Dads

 Valencia Square Planter in Blue

The Valencia Square Planter is stylish with sleek and seductive curves and gorgeous colors. The planter color shown above is Neptune Blue and can be placed in your garden, on your front porch, or anywhere as a charming focal point.

Modesto Planter Collection in Gray 

The Modesto Round Planter is a great choice if you are looking for a more modern style of planter. Shown above in the Graphite Gray color, this planter looks fabulous indoors or outside. You could even place 2 of these planters at your front entrance for a gorgeous welcome into your home or a focal point for your garden.

Nantucket Window Box Planter

The Nantucket Window Box Planter is another great option if you want to place your planter in a window. This planter is not only for use in a window, as it can actually be placed pool side or anywhere on the ground or even inside. The Nantucket Collection of Window Box Planters offers four sizes, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft and the 5ft. The Nantucket is a timeless New England design and is shown in the color Graphite Gray. 

Cape Cod Square Planter

The Cape Cod Square Planter is a classic. Architecturally inspired this planter has clean lines and traditional look. It is a great match for any home concept. The bead-board panel design with rich architectural details fits in perfectly for a rustic farmhouse or a luxurious cottage by the beach. The Cape Cod Square Planter is available in three different sizes. No matter where you place it, the planter is the perfect accent piece for indoor use or outside and the best part is that they are self-watering!

Wellington Tall Planter in Black

Add a timeless aesthetic to your planting set up with the Wellington Tall Planter.  The eclectic design makes this planter a must-have for anyone looking to make a statement. This planter stands 28-inches tall, perfect for elevating those lovely flowers or accenting a corner in the home with indoor foliage. The Wellington Tall Planter is available in white, black and espresso color.

And one more Dad joke for the road!
Why couldn't the crocodile grow any plants?
Because he's not a proper gator
Sometimes life gets you down and we need more than just to get our hands dirty in planters or here a funny joke. It's okay, we have all been there! This is a great resource to help EveryDayHealth. May you be happy!

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