Plan Your Natural Sanctuary in the Winter

Plan a Natural Space Inside or Out

Every new year we start out setting goals or giving ourselves a push in some way to do better than the last year. The home has become the central part of our lives in the past few years. Our spaces may have once been a place to come and go, but are now a constant part of our day and night routines. Staying home is trending.
What a great time to create your outdoor sanctuary.
As the chaos of the holiday season begins to settle down, and we start to find those moments quiet, now is the time to think about what can be once the weather warms up.
Dormant Fern by The Garden Gates
Our outdoor spaces lay dormant this time of year, quietly sleeping in the short daylight hours of winter. Planning your garden space in January and February in preparation for the warmer months allows you the spring time to enjoy the space.

Selecting the right elements: a fountain for the relaxing sound of water.

San Pietro Fountain by Campania International
The San Pietro Fountain by Campania International is a wonderful choice for a medium to large patio or courtyard space.
San Pietro Fountain by Campania International
The classic design of the San Pietro Fountain offers a bold splashing sound and is shown in the Pietra Nuova Patina.

Placing a Bench in a Garden Nook: Create a place to pause.

Westland Bench by Campania International

The Westland Bench by Campania International offers an elegant design to the garden. Its simple curves and gentle detail are shown here in the Pietra Nuova Patina by Campania International.


Classic Cottage Bird House with Copper Roof by Good Directions

Add a bird bath or bird feeder to your space. The Classic Cottage Bird House by Good Directions is ready for the feathered friends to return from their winter trip. These all make for an engaging and enjoyable outdoor sanctuary.

An Inside Garden: Adding the Element of Nature to your Interior Space

Not all of us have a bit of earth to plan a garden, but even in the most urban of spaces you can incorporate fabulous garden elements.
M-Series Kenzo Fountain by Campania International
Add a tabletop fountain to your home office to create an oasis of sound. The M-Series Kenzo Fountain by Campania International offers clean modern lines and a wonderful sound.  Shown here in the Alpine Stone Patina the soft trickling sound of the Kenzo Fountain makes the perfect addition to any patio or office space.
Modesto Tall Planter by Mayne in Black
The use of a self-watering planter makes indoor plants easy for everyone. The Modesto Tall Planter by Mayne has an interior reservoir that regulates the water while keeping the space clean. These planters are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Choose the right plant for your lighting and add the element of nature to your urban space. Indoor plants cleanse air too. Take this time to plan your space for natural elements, find your happiness in the garden, whether inside or out.

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