Patio Fountains that Birds will Love

Patio Fountains that Birds will Love

Fountains symbolize life itself because running water is essential, especially for birds of all species. Fountains are refreshing, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing to any outdoor landscape.

Adding a Patio Fountain to your landscape will add beauty to your outdoor sanctuary while encouraging more birds to your outdoor space. The best part is that these patio fountains are already adorned with gorgeous birds made of cast stone that will attract other birds. Patio fountains offer a ton of benefits, but nothing is better than simply enjoying your garden with the help of our feathered friends. The slight flow of the fountain keeps the water free of mosquitos and those that do venture into the garden will become food for the birds! Patio Fountains encourage a natural balance in the garden.

Top 4 of our Favorite Patio Fountains:

Bird Element Fountain

Introduce Campania International's Bird Element Fountain to add a gorgeous piece of art with the calming element of water. This patio fountain has very sleek edges with a couple of beautiful feathered friends perched on top. This patio fountain stands about 2.5 feet tall and is sure to attract new birds to your outdoor sanctuary.

Campania International Bird Element Fountain
Introduce the exquisite Passaros Fountain by Campania International into your patio or garden. This fountain has a more modern look with charming feathered friends having a fun time on top of the fountain. This fountain is sure to attract other birds while also helping with relaxing calming water sounds. The Passaros Fountain stands about 2 feet tall and shown in the Greystone patina. 
Campania International Passaros Fountain
The Aya Fountain by Campania International is a luxurious statement piece. This gorgeous fountain can be used as focal point anywhere in your garden or patio space. Adding beauty to your outdoor sanctuary, the Aya Fountain will surely attract birds to stop by for a drink. This fountain stands a little over 2 feet high and will also create a relaxing space with the calming sound of the water flowing. 
Campania International Aya Fountain
The Mini Element Bird Fountain by Campania International is perfect for smaller gardens or patios. This fountain has a modern look with sleek edges and a couple of intricate birds perched on the top stoop. The Mini Element Bird Fountain may be small, but is made of cast stone and is very durable. Shown below in the Alpine Stone patina, the fountain stands very close to 1 foot tall and is sure to attract your feathered friends and create a calming atmosphere with the cascading sound of flowing water. 
Campania International Mini Element Bird Fountain
These are just a few of our favorite patio fountains. Campania has a great range of styles of patio fountains for any landscape setting. All of Campania International Fountains are hand-made of cast stone and stained to order in one of their many options. From the MC5 Fountain that artistically blends the use of metal and stone to the classic Flores Pedestal Fountain that will define a patio, there is a fountain design for every outdoor luxurious space.

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