Patio Design 101: Create a Beautiful Patio with Our Outdoor Decor

Creating an inviting patio for yourself and your guest takes some simple implementation of some basic outdoor decor. Using patio planters for seasonal color, topiaries, and herb gardens add greenery + color instantly.  They are simple to care for and quick to spruce up to any activities.  Adding the soothing sound of water with a wall fountain brings a patio to life.  In addition to planters and fountains, the placement of a few garden statues is another very good idea.  Finally, instant shade with our collection of outdoor umbrellas with colorful Sunbrella fabric. 

Campania International LeNotre 46 inch Window Box

The LeNotre 46 inch Window Box provides a great opportunity for planting flowering trees and cascading flowers.  This large planter is made from glass fiber reinforced concrete ( GFRC) which reduces the overall weight.  

Campania International LeNotre 46 Inch Window Box

Campania International Lion Wall Fountain

The artistic design of the cast-stone Campania International Lion Wall Fountain compliments any outdoor setting. Water trickles from the upper water spout into the fountain basin to create a relaxing, natural looking wall fountain.This unique fountain is charming and distinct and is part of the Campania cast-stone collection. This fountain is not sealed, which allows it to develop a natural aged look over time. 

Campania International Lion Wall Fountain

Petey Dog Statue by Campania International

Petey Dog Statue by Campania International is the definition of personality. Petey has got the look that just does not stop, perfect for a fun focal point in the garden, entry or patio.

Campania International Petey Dog Statue

7ft Umbrella by Treasure Garden

The 7ft commercial umbrella by Treasure Garden provides 49 sq. ft. of coverage and features a square canopy. It also comes with a push-up lift for easily and safely opening and closing its canopy. This outdoor umbrella by Treasure Garden is ideal for commercial spaces, especially poolside, for outdoor dining and more.

Treasure Garden 7ft Commercial Umbrella

 Whichever collection of patio decor you select from, you will find yourself outside more each day. 


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