Owls to Give a Hoot About

A Lucky Hoot in the Garden

Owls have faces that are full of interest with large bright eyes and beautiful feathers. The predator of the night. Growing up in the swamps of Louisiana we could hear the owls waking up as we were tucked bed. The hoots would eco through the trees, letting the world know it's time for dinner. Sometimes, if you are lucky you might get a glimpse of these beautiful creatures. 

A common symbol of wisdom and intuition, owls are also considered a symbol of good luck. Feng Shui principles suggest placing owls in places of work or even guarding a front entryway against negative energies.

Owls, as an outdoor statue, also have a functional use.

Have you ever looked up at the top of an urban building and seen an owl just sitting unusually still? Wandering through the buildings of a city or even a suburban grocery, look up and you might see a very still owl perched on a building corner, so still that it has to be fake. The idea is that these still versions of the real thing will scare away the pigeons or other small critters. But does it work?  Maybe a little, rodents and other small critters are definitely convinced, pigeons will be for a while, but they catch on quick. Must be because they know this bird “game” at least a little bit.

These are just some of our favorite Owl statues that will bring positive vibes to the garden and keep those little mice and rabbits from eating your garden veggies.

Campania International Barny Statue

The mice better watch out, Barny Owl definitely knows they are near!

Campania International Night Watch Statue

Two is always better that one! Especially when it is a Night Watch!

Campania International Large Horned Owl Statue

A very convincing guard in the garden, the Large Horned Owl is definitely on the look out for his dinner.

In the garden the owl statues bring their own personality and fun. Place them on a pedestal for a great effect and in a spot you can enjoy!


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