Outdoor Décor to Liven up Your Patio

A home’s patio is empowered by its décor.  Too often, vibrant, warm homes can present with empty, stale patios that make for a lonely outdoor ambiance—stripping away from the owner’s desire to spend time outside.

Sprinkling personal flare across your patio in the form of complimentary patio décor is the perfect way to infuse some warmth and life into your outdoor space and transform your patio into the heart of your home.  View suggestions from our patio experts for the best recommendations to rejuvenate your patio!

Patio Fountains

Water is a soothing natural element that intertwines seamlessly with outdoor relaxation.  People often sprawl outside to mix their thoughts with the sounds of nature, and the soft sounds of trickling water in the background are flattering components to nestle behind relaxation or congregation.

patio fountains

Choose from cascading fountains, two-tiered fountains, and birdbaths in many different sizes to conform to your unique patio space.  From short and wide to tall and towering, modern to rustic, there are endless patio fountain options for your design preferences.

Garden Planters 

Any patio can be reinvigorated with mindful, exquisite planters harboring colorful flowers and healthy green plants.  Garden planters embody undertones of nature and are the best place to stick your favorite plants or flowers.  Beautiful planters are a statement piece, and with more than a few, you can create a personal jungle atop your bustling patio.

patio planters

From cast stone to ceramic to modular and many more, a well-made, quality garden planter will have the birds and the bees singing your praises.  Quality garden planters can also come in fiber cement, iron, fiberglass, and plastic varieties, depending on the type of material and aesthetic you prefer.

Patio Statues

A classic patio statue gives your outdoor space a dignified, renaissance, or even whimsical feel without being dramatic.  Statues that accompany a patio area are often a marveled centerpiece and will exhibit an air of elegance for any beaming pair of eyes.

Patio statues can range from fairytale themed, animal statues, mythical or religious statues, or many other variations.  Aged limestone, cast stone, copper bronze, or any other finish selections will develop a patina as they age for a naturally antique look.

Accents for the Patio

Appropriate accents make your patio pop and are the perfect finishing touches to personalize a blossoming outdoor patio.   Patio accents are often the most enjoyable last step in finalizing an artfully constructed patio.

Patio accents can come in many forms.  Designer firepits are the best way to light up the night (accompanied by some s’mores), and nothing says “hey!” like a chic outdoor rug.  Among a few more options for patio composition are:

  • Door Mats
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Storage Bins
  • Stepping Stones
  • Sundials
  • Wind Chimes
  • and much more!

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