Make a Massive Statement with the Caterina Fountain

Campania International Caterina Garden Fountain

The Caterina estate fountain by Campania International is one of the most iconic garden fountains in the collection. The timeless style of this two-tiered cast stone is one of the most popular and can be seen on the grounds of homes across the country in a number of different uses and spaces. This fountain’s name is Italian, invoking a beautiful pastoral scene in the countryside. Your home does not have to have a distinct European look to use this fountain in your outdoor decor. Adding the Caterina fountain to your patio, garden, yard, driveway, or other outdoor space will add curb appeal to your home and add a distinct element that is not commonly seen. The Caterina fountain is made from cast stone, a traditional building material found in outdoor decor, bridges, buildings, and other elements throughout time. Cast stone is the specialty of Campania International, a renowned garden fountain designer and manufacturer in the US.  


Campania International Caterina Fountain in Basin

Top Colors for the Caterina Fountain:

  • Terra Nera 

  • Alpine Stone

  • Verde

  • Pietra Vecchia

  • Brownstone

  • Aged Limestone

Campania International is one of the top outdoor decorative companies in the US, and they design and produce all of their creations in-house with a skilled team of artisans, engineers and industry leaders. We are proud to offer their product collections, as they are truly one of our favorite brands thanks to their high-quality products that our customers love. The Caterina fountain, just like the rest of the estate fountain collection, ships in a number of pieces which are then assembled on-site. It is important to follow all of the instructions to make sure that your fountain is put together perfectly the first time. The ground must be leveled before any installation begins, and this can be done with the help of sand or pea gravel. It is also important to note that this fountain only needs to be filled with water and plugged into a GFC outdoor outlet to run, but many homeowners opt to have electricity and sometimes plumbing run to the area of the fountain.

Best Qualities about the Caterina Fountain:

  • Top bubbling finial

  • Two tiers 

  • Weighs 1,932 pounds

  • Comes in 12 custom colors

  • Ships for free

  • Ships in 12 to 14 business days

  • 82 inches wide

  • 55 inches tall

  • Pump and electrical kit included

  • Holds 130 gallons of water 

Make a massive statement with the Caterina Fountain today. 

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